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9 Sikh Models Gucci Could Have Used Instead of the Ones They Chose

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The newest mainstream fashion label to find itself under fire is Gucci for their use of turbans as a fashion accessory on white models during their most recent show for Milan Fashion Week.

The Sikh dastaar, commonly referred to as a pagh or turban, is an important part of our culture. It is our crown that represents our faith, courage, and honour. It is not a fashion accessory. It is an important part of our identity.

Sikhs have been discriminated against for their turbans for years, especially, in a world after 9/11. We wear a pagh and get called a terrorist, and a luxury fashion brand puts it on a white model in a runway show and suddenly it’s trendy?

Really, Gucci? I expected better. We expect better.

Canadian actor, Avan Jogia called out Gucci for their actions in a tweet, asking them if they couldn’t find a brown model.

And our friend Harjas Singh from Canada also spoke about Gucci’s horrendous choice and it definitely made a statement.

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Due to unforseen circumstances, I unfortunately had to take down my last post however the message still stands .. @Gucci, what's up? _______ Dear @Gucci, you wanna use our style, But not us ? You wanna use own crown, but not us ? Next time you want do a fashion show, hit us up ! We have an whole army of singh models. Use any of us. Brands need to stop being so stupid and “unique” just for awareness during shows. You don’t need to use a white male model and put on a pagh (turban) on him like it’s a prop. It’s unnecessary, rude and straight up disrespectful to us and our community. So next time you’re thinking of using a pagh on a fashion show, find a Singh or even a Kaur. We will come looking sexy as hell with our paghs on… @iamsapra for starting the movement #guccigang?? #StyledByHarj #turban #model #sikhstyle #turbanandbeard #gq #gqindia #gqstyle #singhsdoingthings #floral

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If that’s the case, then let us show you some Sikh models that could have rocked that runway and outfit much, much better.

• Waris Ahluwalia: @HouseofWaris

• Harjas Singh: @styledbyHarj

• Vish Singh: @IamVish_

• Jujhar Dhanjal: @jujharsdhanjal

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Head Shot @evausuave

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• Onkar Dhindsa: @osdhindsa

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Rise and shine people! It’s the weekend. For majority of you, it’s YOU time. Noone to answer to today except yourself. When there isn’t the pressure of being held accountable by an exterior force, we tend to play small and let ourselves off easy. But take this time to do something for yourself, make some adjustments to tackle those goals you made! Last year, I struggled a lot with wanting to make it all happen at once. So I’m working on breaking my vision down into attainable goals that I can make small changes toward each and everyday. Currently working on not looking at things as something I have to do or need to do, but that I WANT to do. Because when things pile up and I feel overwhelmed, everything becomes a task to me and that’s no way to enjoy the journey. Yard by yard, life is hard, inch by inch, life’s a cinch! So get out there and enjoy your much awaited weekends! And btw, that’s a traditional Punjabi outfit I’m wearing, called a Kurta Pajama– love the colors on this one ??????! @jaygoestohollywood

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And don’t worry, we have plenty of boss women on this list as well!

• Ishprit: @ishprit


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Got the #iphonesxmax first time having the newest model out in a minute & feelin beaucoup bougie cute ?????

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• Ishaan: @kaurmoments

• Karan Kaur: @stylewithkaur

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~ summer weddings ?

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• Harnaam Kaur: @harnaamkaur

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Sometimes we can become the victims of someone else’s weakness. Think about it….how many times have you been in a situation where you have been hurt because of someone else? I’m sure a lot of us have. The most unfortunate thing that we can do is not forgive. Sometimes the act of forgiveness can be very hard, especially when the abuse or hardship was horrendous. Forgiving someone can be extremely humbling, it takes for you to delve deep within your heart, to reach for the compassion that you hold, and then to place it in the hand of your oppressor. Through understanding, we allow ourselves to forgive people. When we understand someone, we realise that in some way shape or form, we are all very similar; we all have weaknesses. If we all wish to be forgiven and understood, we surely must forgive and understand ?? ?- @catalinababs

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Our turbans are an important part of our Sikh culture and taking them and putting them on a white model isn’t respect, it’s cultural appropriation. So, next time, Gucci, if you want to showcase our culture, showcase our talent too.