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6 Date Spots to Bring bae in Ohio

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Dating in the midwest comes with a set of its own unique challenges. If your idea of a perfect first date involves dining by the seashore or going scuba diving together, I’m sorry to say you definitely won’t find that anywhere in the midwest, much less Ohio. However, that’s not to say that Ohio doesn’t have some other amazing, and rather unique spots and activities to offer for all kinds of couples. Whether you’re into physical activity, history, gorgeous views, recreational drinking, or all of the above, you can rest assured you can definitely have an unforgettable date if you ever find yourself in Ohio. Check out 6 amazingly unique romantic getaway ideas in Ohio.

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1. A Relaxing Retreat in Hocking Hills


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If you’re into hiking and enjoy a plethora of other activities in the midst of nature in the woods, Hocking Hills is an amazing date idea for a day-long or even a weekend-long trip. You can start your day with a hike around one of the many spots in Hocking Hills, including either Old Man’s Cave or Hemlock Bridge Trail, among others. Once you’re done with your hike, you’ve got quite a few different lodging options. If you’re looking for an opportunity to be one with nature, you can find yourself a campsite in one of the many campgrounds in the area. Another, more cozy option, is one of the glamping cabins in the area, like this one at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls. Snuggle up next to your honey in a hot tub as you enjoy the gorgeous view. The next day, opt for a couple’s massage at the spa. It’s the perfect combination of rustic pampering and basking in Mother Nature.

2. An Escape to Amish Country

If you’ve only heard about Amish folk through TLC documentaries, and have always wanted to learn more, Ohio has one of the largest Amish populations in the country, with close to 23 percent of the Amish living there. Starting bright and early in the morning, you can book a buggy tour, probably one of the things the Amish are most famous for. Amish Heartland Tours does private buggy tours at $75/hour. Trot through the quaint Amish countryside, as your tour guide explains to you a bit of Amish history, and how the Amish live. Following this, check out the Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center, a cute little museum which elaborates more on Amish history in the area. Spend the evening dining at one of the various mom and pop restaurants. Finally, end your day by staying at The Barn Inn, a cute and cozy barn hotel in Amish country, with a glass of wine! 

3. An Evening of Camping by the Lake

As has been alluded to throughout this article, Ohio is definitely well-known for its various state parks and nature-related activities. There are plenty of campgrounds in Ohio that are located right next to lakes as well, which means you get to put up a tent and enjoy a quiet night by the lake, snuggled up next to a warm campfire, making some s’mores; just you and your significant other. What could be more romantic than that? A couple of different lakes next to which you can post up for the night include Lake Snowden, as well as Indian Lake. A super gorgeous option, especially during the peak autumn time, is by Clear Fork Reservoir. If you’re a fan of fall foliage and watching the autumn leaves change colors, getting to spend the day by the reservoir can be a magical experience as well as a unique date idea if you’re ever in Ohio. 

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4. An Excursion to Yellow Springs

You can probably expect to find rural towns, state parks, and lakes around Ohio without feeling too surprised. But one of the coolest hidden gems of Ohio is most definitely Yellow Springs. If you’re raising an eyebrow right now, Yellow Springs is this happy, colorful town that literally makes you feel like you’re on the set of a psychedelic movie from the ’70s. From its stained glass public trash cans to its cute 50s-themed movie theater, to all its other brightly-colored restaurants, you could easily spend a full day entertaining yourself just by gazing at the town and its buildings. But of course, I’m not going to just stop there. For a full day’s date at Yellow Springs, here’s an itinerary you could follow: start the morning off with breakfast at Sunrise Café, a cool, hipster-y restaurant where the food is made from locally sourced ingredients, and the lamps are made out of recycled cookie tins. Continue on with a hike in Clifton Gorge, this cool spot with a number of waterfalls and trails for a fun afternoon activity. Afterward, head over to the Historic Clifton Mill, where you can see this rustic water-powered mill from 1802. There are plenty of other things to do in Yellow Springs, but here’s a very broad agenda you could follow for your date.

5. A Day At One of the Local Festivals

It might be difficult to fathom that Ohio is rich with culture, but if you’re worried that Ohio might be too “plain” (pun intended), fear not! Many of the large cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus, have amazing cultural festivals, such as Festival Latino, the Caribbean Festival, the Asian Festival, among other cultural festivals. Aside from the wide variety of cultural festivals where you can enjoy food, knick-knacks, and music from other countries, Ohio also has other types of festivals to suit a number of versatile different interests. Are you super into anime? Ohayocon is an awesome anime convention where you can dress up as your favorite anime character that takes place in Columbus. Want to go back in time to the medieval times for a day and pretend you’re part of Queen Mary’s court? Check out the Renaissance Festival. Wherever it is that your interests lie, Ohio’s probably got a festival where you and your significant other can spend the day.  

6. A Royal Experience at Ohio’s Castles


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For being a supposedly boring state full of nothing but plains and farms, Ohio has quite a few castles to explore. If you’re wishing you and your significant other were on a romantic vacation to a country in Europe, you can come pretty close to it in Ohio! Ohio’s got a plethora of different castles to explore. Loveland Castle is a gorgeous option if you want to enjoy a replica of a medieval-looking castle. If you want to get a little spooked out, check out Franklin Castle. According to the legend, a German immigrant murdered his family here during the latter part of the 1800s, and at this point, it’s still considered to be haunted. Finally, if you’re looking to feel like medieval royalty all-around, check out the Ravenwood Castle. Stay the night in a royal cottage, decorated just like a fairytale illustration. The following morning, grab breakfast in the Great Hall, which looks a little like the Hogwarts dining hall. There are plenty of gaming activities and themed weekend-long events you can enjoy in the castle as well as part of your romantic getaway!

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Hopefully, this list provides you with some fun, interesting date ideas if you ever find yourself in Ohio. And hey, maybe it even inspires you to turn to Ohio for your next trip out of state. Either way, have fun and make sure to get out there and enjoy your time with your special someone.

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