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Exclusive: Asha Sing’s Time at the IIFA Awards

Asha Sing, IIFA
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Asha Sing is a singer and music artist from Miami, FL, who hopes to unite the two worlds of Bollywood and Hollywood through her music. This American born, desi raised Brown Girl definitely has the vocals for it! She graduated this May from the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami and is planning on pursuing music as her lifelong career and passion.

Make sure to scroll down to check out her music video to her single “Mercy,” which landed on the #7 spot on the Billboard Hot Singles Chart. 

Sing sent us a few pictures from her exciting visit to this weekend’s IIFA Awards in Tampa!

Love her music? Vote for her to get a chance to be a participant on NBC’s “The Voice!”

Want to learn more about our newest Brown Girl, Asha Sing?  Follow her on Twitter and “like” her on Facebook. 


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