Anjali Balakrishna

Anjali is serving as an AIF Clinton Fellow with Frontier Markets, a social enterprise in Jaipur, Rajasthan. For her Fellowship project, she is digitizing Frontier Markets’ network of rural women—equipping them with an e-commerce platform and associated hardware to be able to distribute products and services (many in the clean energy space) more effectively to last mile customers. Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Anjali graduated with a degree in American Studies, where she focused on how the design of the build environment—from school buildings to housing developments to monuments—shapes culture and society. While at Yale, she launched a consulting practice that paired Yale business students with undergraduate organizations to improve their strategy, infrastructure, and ultimately, impact. For the past five years, she helped grow The Future Project—a non-profit organization focused on helping young people develop the purpose and agency to build a better future for themselves. After wearing a variety of hats, Anjali found her professional passion as the company’s vice president of innovation. Inspired by her time working with young people, Anjali plans to devote the next phase of her career to pursuing this purpose through environmental work—developing clean and sustainable products, services and systems that will ensure that we have a healthy planet for our young people to inherit. Through the AIF Clinton Fellowship, Anjali is excited to dive into the world of clean energy and rural empowerment, reconnect with her Indian heritage, and spend time with her grandmothers who she hasn’t seen in years.