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Manali Deolalkar

Manali is a licensed psychotherapist based in California. Manali has completed her Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Columbia University, New York. She currently has her own private practice focused on empowering BIPOC, and specifically South Asian women with their mental health. Manali has worked in a variety of settings and provided therapy to tech workers, entrepreneurs, college students, couples, LGBTQIA+ folks and immigrants. Manali works from an emotion focused perspective and is engaged in spreading awareness around befriending our emotions with compassion rather than judgment. Manali is strongly involved in the movement to break gender stereotypes that severely impacts the mental health of women and to make mental health accessible to all. Manali is also involved in spreading awareness around South Asian mental health both among other therapists as well as by connecting with the south Asian community. We are seeing more and more South Asian individuals seeking therapy today and it is important to slowly break the stigma of mental health in South Asian culture.