Poorva Misra-Miller

Poorva Misra-Miller is a Canadian Indian third culture kid, podcaster, and digital marketer who left a life that no longer fit to tell stories from the sunny shores of Costa Rica. The founder of Women in Our Town and the host of the Unsilent Women podcast, Poorva believes that storytelling is the greatest arrow we have in our proverbial quiver. After nearly a decade in the corporate world and tired of leaning in, Poorva did what any millennial living through a global pandemic would do. She packed her bags and headed to the beach. Growing up in Asia, the United States, and Europe, Poorva moved to Canada where she graduated from the University of Toronto. A skilled marketer and communicator, Poorva’s industry experience runs the gamut from three-person start-up launching out of an incubator to giant multinational professional services firms to Canada’s biggest law firms and everything in between. Poorva’s latest project, Women in Our Town, is an online platform for unsilent women. Her work focuses on gender, race, and pop culture with the aim of amplifying BIPOC voices. Today, Poorva has interviewed women from around the world including activists, artists, writers, athletes, and entrepreneurs. Women in Our Town is a space for thoughtful feminist critique, liberating conversations, and a place for women to carve their niche in the world with their health and well-being intact.