Priya Mukhopadhyay

Priya is a Indian born, New York City bred, aspiring physician and social media personality. She has her BS in Health Science: Disability Studies with a minor in Asian American Studies from Stony Brook University. She is currently working on and almost done her MD as well as MBA. Being a New Yorker, she epitomized the ‘do it all’ mindset and dabbles in all of her interests and talents growing up including fashion, modeling, makeup, medicine, motivation, food, and fitness. She is a professional Indian Classical Dancer which led her to immerse herself in her South Asian culture and she has not stopped loving it and doing everything she can to uplift it since. Priya started her own Youtube a few years ago and started to grow her brand, where she shares her experiences through life, makeup, and medicine. She has been a long time contributor to Brown Girl Magazine and takes over the instagram every monday for “Mooky Mondays” which is filled with beauty tips and motivation to get anyone through the week.