Shreya Sharma

Shreya Sharma is a 16 year old student, writer and poetess from London. Having grown up surrounded by a vibrant fusion of the British and South-Asian culture, ever since she was a child, she has learnt a lot about what it truly takes to love yourself and your heritage. Being from a traditional Indian household, stories about Indian history, women gaining rights, and South-Asian heritage unfolded themselves to Shreya and utterly fascinated her. She was exposed to a lot of other coloured girls in her school who felt uncomfortable in their own skin. To help these girls, Shreya decided to write about the south-Asian culture in her very own school magazine. Shreya decided to write about brown girls in the current limelight (Rupi Kaur and Keerat Kaur) to motivate her brown skinned friends. Shreya chooses to document her experiences, values and interests through literature and poetry with the hope of sharing her stories with other coloured teenage girls like herself. “I truly feel as if more teenagers need to value their heritage and embrace who they are” Shreya says “self-acceptance is a love that will never die.” Through her meaningful poetry and empowering articles, Shreya hopes to shed a light on these beautifully rough years’ teenagers have ahead of them. She has also recently started up her own Instagram page called ‘Shreya’s Golden Ink’ in which she posts her poetry and blogs that cover topics from toxic relationships to loving yourself and culture.