Sophia Khedekar

Sophia Khedekar grew up as a second-generation Pakistani Punjabi Christian in the states, which was an exciting challenge, between juggling the cultures and breaking through and holding on to what served her most. Balancing the ideals of both societies and emerging as a strong woman has helped her gain perspective on how to persevere while smiling along the way. As far as her background goes in regards to Paki-ness, her mother sponsored over 30 people from Karachi to the US; her parents, siblings, and their kids at once to protect them from religious persecution. Although convincing her fellow desis that she really was Punjabi growing up attributed to my cultural identity struggle, and added to holding on to my religious roots, she’s ultimately settled down with an open mind. She’d like to share personal accounts that touch on the impact of her cultural blending experiences, as well as patriarchal aspects that encourage hiding sexual abuse, trauma, and minimizing psychological well-being. You can catch her getting critical medical devices out to those in need (her 9 to 5), chilling at a local lounge on weekends, painting, traveling and blogging.