Tasnia Shahjahan

Tasnia, more lovingly known as Nia, is all about the F words: feminist, family, and a fearless fighter for justice. As a caffeine-free high functioning ‘morning person’ she wakes up every morning with a vision of a world free of interpersonal violence. Driven by her passion, she chased the knowledge that was needed. With this thirst for knowledge, she completed undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Gender Studies with a minor in Social Justice at Rutgers University. She then moved onto pursuing her Masters of Arts in Human Rights Studies at Columbia University. Spending her early years in Bangladesh, a sense of guilt always haunted her conscience. In a society where overpopulation leads to poverty, homelessness, and hunger, where political corruption results in chaos, culture allows women to be treated as subordinates, she had the good fortune to belong to the small population born into privilege; that of family, wealth, good education, shelter, and love. Grateful, yet guilty – at a young age, she committed set sail on a journey that aims to empower other women. When she’s not learning, she loves to channel her creative side through poetry and art. With her undying love Thai and Malaysian cuisine as well as chocolate cake, you may spot Nia out and about in NYC. Nia knows how to balance between discipline and routine on weekdays and letting loose on the weekends. The weekend Nia is the side of her, known amongst her friends as the ‘disco ball of energy.’