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10 Conscious-Driven Brands to Purposefully Shop From This Holiday Season

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In the latest episode of “Patriot Act,” Hasan Minhaj discusses the negative consequences of fast fashion. We are all guilty of checking out the tagged pictures of trendy outfits and quickly adding that to our Zara or H&M carts. But, what we are not quite aware of is the fact that keeping up with the trend is actually costing us the planet. This holiday season, we want you to expand your horizon and shop consciously. With every purchase, you make on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and through Christmas, bookmark the small businesses below and make a small difference for yourself and our planet.

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1. Modern Picnic

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We’re the boss babes who hustle hard day and night but also don’t compromise bringing a healthy lunch for their day from home. Modern Picnic provides working folks with a chicer way to carry their lunch through their various kinds of lunchboxes made from vegan leather with an insulated interior.

2. Wear Proclaim


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Earth-friendly, inclusive nudes made ethically in Los Angeles — founded by Shobha Philips, who believes in making even the smallest parts of her clothing line sustainable because it adds up to make a big difference.

3. Anita Dongre Grassroot 


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Sustainable fashion that uses design for good, to sustain India’s craft traditions and economically empower rural artisans. From a green headquarters in Mumbai to adopting five stray dogs and sourcing sustainable fabrics, fashion designer Anita Dongre refers to fashion as an amazing, wonderful tool for bringing employment back to villages of India. Anita Dongre Grassroot empowers women in rural Maharash to professionally make garments and receive a consistent source of income and appreciation, empowering them and creating better livelihoods.

4. Riya Collective


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Gone are the days buying a new outfit for every function for every wedding is feasible — now it’s all about sustainability. We’re breaking the stigma behind renting desi clothes with  Riya Collective — founded by Sarina Siddhanti and Arian Agrawal — two millennial Indian-American women who have been best friends and roommates since freshman year at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Next time you’re shopping for a desi occasion consider renting from Riya Collective.

5. Sukoon Active


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Arshiya Kherani, the CEO and founder of Sukoon Active — a mission-based and faith-driven company offer versatile, inclusive and sustainable activewear and hijabs to women from diverse backgrounds.

6. Bili Beauty


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Two years in the making, the ‘Eyes of India’ eyeshadow palette launched six gorgeous shimmer shades and four rich matte shades symbolizing the enchanting beauty of India last year. The palette is proudly manufactured in the U.S., vegan, cruelty-free, and all made with 100 percent natural ingredients. This year, BB released six shades of vegan and cruelty-free creamy matte lipsticks packed with organic oils.

7. She Plants Love


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Founded by Far Momin, ‘the butter’ was formulated to be highly effective and restorative without any compromises. Each ingredient is certified organic, selected intentionally for its efficacy and hand-blended. High in antioxidants, plant nutrients and anti-inflammatory, the butter is all in one nourishment for the body and hair. Use as a full body moisturizer, scalp conditioner, style hair, makeup remover, aftershave, sun care and more

8. Be.Samra


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SAMARA — founded by sisters Salima and Samara — stands to create luxury vegan fashion that exudes simplicity and elegance. The brand started out of a need for small, minimalist purses and wallets that were not overtly branded, that were eco-friendly, not posing any harm to animals, without luxury markups but with the same quality as higher-end brands.

9. Lark Adventurewear


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Consumers are now starting to understand the environmental and physiological effects of fast fashion and synthetic fabrics. Pallavi Golla, the founder of children’s clothing company, Lark Adventurewear, is part of a new wave of apparel companies that are looking to use sustainable fabrics and practices to make better clothing. She’s made it her mission to create breathable bamboo activewear that keeps children the most comfortable day and night using their revolutionary fabric.

10. Shanti Wellness


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Shanti Wellness strives to enhance the daily routines of individuals by elevating mind, body, and soul through plant-sourced offerings. The CBD-infused products are companions to healthy wellness routines for natural stress reduction and performance enhancement. Our cannabinoids are derived from sun-grown, pesticide-free hemp in the rocky Colorado mountains.

Don’t let fast fashion get you this holiday season, shop smart and consciously.