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10 Things I Look Forward to When my Husband Travels

when my husband travels
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My husband travels for work often. He is in the Dominican Republic one week and China the next. He enjoys traveling and to be honest I also enjoy it when my husband travels. Here’s why:

  1. Not having to cook: When my husband travels the first thing that happens is my kids and I start planning out what we will be eating all week. Usually, they’re foods and restaurants my husband is not too fond of. It’s literally take-out all day, every day!
  2. Having the TV to myself: This is an important one because every couple knows how hard it is to sit in bed at night (once all the kids are asleep) and decide what to watch on Netflix. When all I really want to watch are my Pakistani dramas! So I take the opportunity and catch up on all my Pakistani dramas whenever he travels. I love the peacefulness of watching dramas late at night, in my bed, under my covers with no disturbance. Pure bliss.
  3. The goodies he brings back with him: You know this is what every wife looks forward to!
  4. Not having to pick up after him: You ladies know exactly what I’m talking about! Why are men so messy? I don’t understand why they can’t just put the dirty laundry inside the hamper rather on top! It boils my blood.
  5. Socializing: Not that I don’t go out with my friends enough, but when he is out of town, I definitely take advantage of that time and make some more plans with my girls.
  6. Quality time with the kids: This is a pro and a con! I love that I get to spend more time with my kids when my husband travels. We go out for dinner, the movies and to some kids’ play areas. But then there are those days where solo parenting becomes very hard. When you have a screaming toddler throwing a tantrum in the mall, or when your son is having a bad day at school and it all comes out on you. At that moment you just want your spouse back home and by your side.
  7. Driving his car: So I have a car-fanatic husband! He is absolutely obsessed with cars, so much so that he switches them every other year and buys them like toys. You can just imagine what a nice car I have standing outside right about now. Who wouldn’t want to take it for a girls’ night out?
  8. Getting things done: I usually have a long list of things to do before he gets back, like finish decorating our house, organize the drawers or help the kids with their homework and projects.
  9. Lounging around with messy hair: I can do this with him too, but it’s just more fun to do alone!?
  10. Missing each other: Sending random text messages, checking in on one another and that sweet moment when you reunite. You tend to value your significant other so much more when you have time away from them!

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Could you relate to these things I look forward to when my husband travels? What are some of the things you look forward to?

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