11 Reasons Brothers are Annoying but Lovable

Raksha Bandhan

by Jill Patel 

Siblings Display Traditional Indian CostumesA girl who has a brother knows the true meaning of a “love-hate” relationship.  Whether he is older or younger, most brothers are the same. They have their days of being a pain, but also the days where you want to give them the biggest hug.  No matter what, a brother is always there for you and you can’t help but love him.

Here are 11 reasons why your brother can be a pretty big pain, but you still love him in the end:

1. He is always watching out for you.  A brother may be known to be over protective, but he does not do it to be annoying! He does it because he cares (it is true)!

2. Wrestling match? A fight? Whatever the situation, when you have a brother you are basically in training all your life to learn self defense and how to stand your ground.

3. As honest as it can be sometimes (I am sure he was not intentionally trying to be that cruel), your brother is the go-to person for brutally honest feedback.

Sweet Siblings

4. Yes, a brother is gross. At least now you’re immune to all the burps in your face and the farting. Thanks to your brother, you probably are not that squeamish.

5. His full time job is having your back.  At times, he may be the one getting you in trouble, but most of the time he’s the one defending you in any situation(usually against parents). Do not forget, he’s your main ally.

6. When you’re extra nice and practically beg (along with making him food and doing basically all of his chores) your brother will, without a doubt, help you with anything you need. Whether it be homework help or driving you places, a brother is prepared to help.

7. You are never bored! A brother is the best person to bug and bother, until he does it back, then it’s just 10 times worse.

8. A brother may not have the best words of advice when you’re having “girl troubles,”but whatever the problem may be, a brother will be your very own therapist.

9. The amount of brother-sister inside jokes are endless (even if you end up forgetting how half of them originated).

10. A brother will always be the first to apologize and patch things up.  He can never stay mad at you for too long.

11. There are plenty of occasions when you can ask a brother for a gift, but even then a brother will go out of his way on his own will to surprise you with small gifts that he knows you’ll love.

Two brothers giving surprise gift to their sister on festival.

This Raksha Bandhan make sure to give your brother a really big hug and tell him how much he means to you.  Every girl with a brother knows that just by having a brother the meaningless arguments increase, but so does the amount of random inside jokes.  All a brother wants to do is make sure his sister is always happy, so remember to show him how thankful you are!

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Jill Patel is currently a high school student living in New Jersey. Besides writing, she has a love for art, coffee (caffeine in general) and exploring new places, whether they be in NJ or in a completely different country. When she is not wandering in search of coffee or new places to visit, Jill is either binge watching TV shows or updating her blog. She hopes that through Brown Girl Magazine, she will be able to reach out and connect with South Asian women from around the world. You can also follow her via Twitter and  Instagram.

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