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Valentine’s Day Looks That Aren’t Red but Stylist-Approved

2 min read

Need to put together unique last-minute Valentine’s Day looks? Well, Brown Girl’s got you covered! The ever-so-radiant Miami blogger, Zahara Khan, aka @the_zlist, shares her top picks for the perfect date night look, aside from the typical perfect red dress!


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Add a little oomph to your OOTD. Feathers have become so common, that it doesn’t seem so over the top anymore. Whether it’s on PJs, a crop top or the back of your heels, the addition of feathers will definitely add a wow factor to your fit. Pair with solid color or leather pants for that Z-list-approved look.


As Zahara puts it, “Can’t ever go wrong with a black LBD.” If you are concerned about going overboard, a black dress is comfortable, chic and always in style! Wear accessories with a pop of color if you’d prefer!

The A-List Accessory

Wanna be a little dramatic and adventurous? As you should! If you are planning on donning a dress, a jumpsuit or any formal fit for that matter, try this accessory out! Wear your favorite rings, bracelet and/or watch on top of sheer gloves for that extra drama on a night out.

The results? Partner = WOWED!

The Coveted Co-Ord

This one’s my personal favorite: Two-piece sets! You’ve probably seen this all over the internet and in your favorite stores. In addition to pairing a bodysuit and some pants, co-ord sets are easy to pair AND give you a chance to showcase your personality! I absolutely love colorful two-piece sets, especially sweater ones for a daytime February look. However, Zahara shows us how it’s done on V-day. Sprinkle some sparkle and you’re ready to go.

This is your day to shine. Whether it’s for a girls’ night out or a high-key dinner with your significant other, you should look and feel your best. Valentine’s Day looks do not have to be red blouses or dresses; pick a two-piece, an LBD or add some ruffles/feathers for that extra jazz. Tag us in your looks if you followed any of Zahara’s recommendations above!