The Blogger’s Pick: 3 Skincare Products Beauty Guru Komal Patel is Obsessed With!

Ever since I turned 30 last year I have turned into a skincare nut. I am legit OBSESSED.

I have started using masks, eye creams, cleansers, and gels. I even got my first facial and started buying “nicer” makeup to help my skin.

Being a woman can be exhausting. Sometimes I just want to say, “Screw it!” But, at the same time, I REALLY want to take care of myself and not let myself go—for me!

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With all this new wealth of information I’ve gained, I thought I’d spread the joy! So, here I am sharing my top three favorite skincare products. But, this list is a work in progress because I’m hoping to pick up a few more from you guys!

Let’s talk face!

I got my first facial in Spring 2018 (believe it or not) at a skin workout bar in Boston’s South End called Skoah. All their facials are referred to as “workouts.” These personalized workouts are super relaxing though, not like going to the gym at all.

I learned that my skin was very dry and I had been stripping it bare with the facial wash I was using at that time.

But, in comes Skoah’s Kleansing Lotion.

It’s a lotion-based face wash that is a super gentle lotion which helps lift dirt and uses refined olive oil to hydrate and soothe the skin. Ever since I switched to this cleanser my face has felt so hydrated and I immediately felt the difference from the squeaky clean feeling my last face wash was leaving behind.

Let’s talk eyes!

The natural brightness of my eyes is almost nonexistent anymore! Like what?! It’s like it happened overnight.

The skin under my eyes is dark, bag-like and puffy AF—I guess all the partying in my 20s did catch up to me. Lame.

Thankfully, K Beauty came to the rescue just in time.

If you haven’t heard of K beauty, you need to get on it! Korean beauty products are gently formulated, derive from many natural ingredients and are just plain effective.

One of my favorite products comes from Saranghae, a 5-step skincare routine and step 4 is this amazing eye cream.

It is formulated with Sang Hwang mushroom, vitamin B3, elastin and collagen.

It helps restore vitality, diminish wrinkles, visibly lift, firm and brighten the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.

Um yes, please.

Let’s talk highlighter!

I have been talking about Cat Marnell’s book, “How to Murder Your Life,” a lot… But it is just so great! And, be forewarned, I’m about to make another reference to it. Here it goes: the Beauty Editor in the novel hates matte faces. She believes that everyone wants a dewy, bright face, and I couldn’t agree more! More de, please.

To achieve this bright dewy look, I start with the Illumination CC cream by It Cosmetics and add a little rosehip oil to the mix. That’s my go-to recipe, but lately, I have been in love with the Luminizing drops by Sephora.

These drops are very lightweight and can be worn alone or mixed in with other makeup. I add a few drops into my CC cream and it gives my face a subtle brightness for a natural glow.

I love it!

Sometimes I add a little to my nose and my cheekbones to really set that glow off + it’s cheap! You can find it for $12 in-store and as low as $8 online.

I am all about color #3: “Morning Light, Champagne.”

So, let’s talk. What are some products that you are into right now and why?

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