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3 Tips to Wake up Feeling Like a Million Bucks

2 min read

Sleep is thankfully something that I usually get enough of and the quality is okay, but still, I always believe that I could get better sleep. I want to jump out of bed feeling as fit as a fiddle every morning and not have any grogginess. To see how I can improve my overall sleep, I’ve been researching some products which will hopefully revolutionize my slumbers.

Comfy mattress

I’ve been hearing a lot about new-age memory foam mattresses lately, as the materials are said to be much kinder to our muscles over time. I read this review about Eve Sleep, and the mattress looks comfortable, plus the fact that it arrives at your door in a cardboard box is quite cool. Experts say that you should change your mattress about every 8 to 10 years, so I think I’m due for a new one fairly soon! When the time comes, I’ll definitely go for a mattress made with memory foam.

Cleaner air

Even if we can’t see it, our rooms can be full of dust, airborne bacteria, and pollen. This is obviously not an ideal environment to catch forty winks. I don’t really like the idea of sleeping with all this unclean air, which is why I’m looking at getting an air purifier. These can clean the air in about four hours and don’t really require much upkeep. For anyone suffering from nasal and sinus congestion at night, this is definitely a good solution to try.

Smart lights

Just like many people today, I sometimes watch TV or check my phone or laptop just before bed. It’s a habit I should probably break, as it can happen that the light from the screens keeps me awake and makes falling asleep a bit difficult. However, it turns out that someone has thought of this problem and invented an interesting solution. Special light bulbs from GE emit a blue light that is said to increase melatonin levels, which is a hormone the body needs to go to sleep. By putting this on when you just can’t seem to sleep, you’ll hopefully be feeling drowsy after receiving a dose of blue light.

Of course, all these products go hand in hand with creating a good sleep environment for yourself. I don’t believe that getting better quality sleep is something that can happen instantly, but I do think that over the course of our lives, sleep becomes so important. I simply function so much better when I’ve had restful slumber. My thinking is quicker, I don’t have to rely on coffee, and I have far more energy. If you want to improve your sleep, then now’s the time to do something about it.