4 Date Ideas for Stimulating Conversation

Let’s get real – dinner and a movie, while a tried and tested classic date idea, isn’t exactly the best option if what you’re looking for is a mentally-stimulating conversation. Personally, when I’m hungry, I’m more interested in my meal and stuffing my face than communicating with my date and getting to know them. Movies aren’t any better. While it’s nice to be able to discuss different aspects of a movie, it’s not exactly ideal when you’re in the beginning stages of getting to know someone. I mean, you basically say “hi” and then sit inside a theater in silence for two hours.

So, what are some good date ideas when you want to really get to know each other? I know from personal experience a few date ideas that have been great for helping keep the conversation going. Check out the following four cool date ideas for facilitating stimulating conversation.

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1. Go to an Art Museum

Now, I know this might seem like a skeptical idea if you’re not a huge fan of art or don’t have extensive knowledge about it, but the awesome thing is, you don’t have to be a fan or know much about it! If you dread small talk and want to jump into an interesting conversation right away, you’ll appreciate the art museum. Here’s why.

Walking around with your date, and discussing what each of you thinks the pieces in the museum signify can give you a wealth of topics to mull, issues to debate, and even context to which to connect your own life. For example, let’s say you both see this painting of a woman whose one half is illustrated as Caucasian, while the other half shows elements of her Pakistani heritage. That painting right there gives you a plethora of topics to discuss: cultural duality, the feeling of belongingness, and other intimate matters that just wouldn’t be easy to instinctively delve into if you’re sitting in a restaurant. A picture really is worth a thousand words, so take advantage of those words and valuable conversations.

2. Attend a Charity Event

Whether it’s a Breast Cancer Awareness Month bake sale, or a fundraiser for combatting domestic violence in the South Asian community, attending a worthy, cause-supporting event with your date is an amazing way to not only have a unique venue at which to meet, but it also provides a great context for diving deep into more personal conversations.

It’s likely at least one of you is very passionate about what this event is supporting. Just by going to this event together you’re setting up a context around which you can have a conversation about your passions, and potentially the story behind why you support this cause in the first place. This, again, is a great vehicle through which you can easily dive into topics that extend beyond small talk.

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3. Be in Nature

According to this article by National Geographic, being in nature can actually make people feel more reflective and open. If you think about it, this means people are more likely to share things about themselves and their innermost thoughts while they’re surrounded by nature. So, just the very act of being out in the open, around nature, can create the perfect atmosphere for cultivating deep, stimulating conversations on a date.

In terms of the actual date, this can look like many different things. Maybe this could be as simple as you and your date exploring a creek or a park together and sitting down somewhere as you engage in conversation. Perhaps you could do a fun activity like going fruit picking and then making a dessert at home afterward. If you’re adventurous, you could go hiking or find a hill from which to stargaze. Bottom line is, if you’re looking for a stimulating conversation during your date, nature’s got your back.

4. Go Wine-Tasting

Most of us, by the time we’ve reached our mid-twenties, enjoy a nice glass of wine. Going to a wine tasting, or maybe a specialty bar to order a flight of wine could be a fun time for both of you, where you both can discuss the different wines. I don’t know what it is, but talking about alcohol almost always brings on a rabbit hole of other topics, like traveling, the different beverages you find in each country, etc.

Not to mention, alcohol loosens people up and gets them out of their comfort zone, so inevitably, the more wine you drink, the more interesting you can expect the conversations to get.

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These are just a few suggestions if you’re looking for a new date idea to spark some stimulating conversations that extend beyond the usual small talk. Good luck!

By Chaitanya Balasubramanyam

Chaitanya (Chai) just finished up her MBA at The Ohio State University, and now works in digital marketing at a … Read more ›