4 Fail-Proof Tips for a Better Slumber

by Natasha Suntewari Instagram

This post was originally posted on The Open Journal and republished here with permission. 

For at least a week after I had come back to Vancouver from my holiday in Bangkok, I had suffered from major jet lag. With my 9-5 work schedule and terrible flu, not being able to sleep at night was extremely agitating. Fortunately, or unfortunately for me, I had experienced months of insomnia years ago, so I knew exactly how to get my sleep cycle restarted again. I AM NOW FULLY CURED!

If any of you are having some sleeping problems, or in general find it hard to fall asleep easily, try these tips out! They work great, I promise.

1. Avoid exerting yourself too much before you get into bed. 

In other words, try not to exercise, read or watch anything that will make your mind and heart race. Keep away from caffeine as well, if you need a hot drink, go for a caffeine free peppermint tea or hot chocolate! Ideally, an hour before you go to bed, you should try to mentally wind down—meditate, do some light yoga stretches, massage yourself with creams, take a bath and then get into your PJs before hitting the sack.

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2. Try and stick to a bedtime routine

You have all heard of the term “body clock” haven’t you? There is a reason this term exists! If you stick to certain bedtimes every day, you physically become used to it and then automatically feel sleepy at those times. It’s great really! According to a study by Paul Kelley and Oxford University, the ideal time to wake up in your twenties is 9:30 am, and for good health, it is important to get 7-9 hours of sleep.

3. Create a comfortable environment

Obviously, what you find comfortable will vary to what another person finds comfortable. The point here is, make your bedroom your sanctum. Play around with different lighting, pillows, sheets, mattresses, and temperatures until you find something that makes you feel the best! I like to have a little yellow night-light on, with cool air and thick fuzzy blankets.

4. Play around with scents

The best scents to have around your bed to make you sleepy are geranium, bergamot, chamomile, and lavender. I lather heaps of lavender lotion onto my body before I go to bed every night! I sleep like a baby. Chamomile tea is delicious too, give it a try!

Now with all that being said, have a good sleep tonight!

Tasha is the blogger behind “The Open Journal”. She loves to blog about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and food. Keeping things raw and personal is the way she likes to be!




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