5 Indo-Caribbean Influencers who Will Spruce up Your Newsfeed

Waheeda Khan
Indo-Caribbean influencer Waheeda Khan

As a child, I was always hypnotized by my television screen. Like many Guyanese and Trinidadian women, I never saw people who looked like me in mainstream media when I was growing up. In the age of technology, social media has given rise to an influx of influencers.

While Indo-Caribbeans have little representation in media, these five influencers have successfully grown brands that represent the community and their fields of influence. From an inside look at their daily dilemmas to artistry, these influencers showcase a variety of tips, tricks and trends. They’ve built a media presence that entertains and educates followers while highlighting their Indo-Caribbean culture.

Grab your phone and head on over to each influencer’s page.

1. Waheeda Khan

Some wear their hearts on their sleeves. I wear mine in my art.” —Waheeda Khan 

Waheeda Khan is a Guyanese-American makeup artist amassing quite a following. As a beauty expert, her transformative makeup videos demonstrate useful tips for beauty junkies everywhere. On a deeper level, Khan represents Indo-Caribbean women in the beauty industry — a historically white industry. She has created a space to empower women, especially those who look like her. Khan has collaborated with popular brands such as IL Makiage and Neutrogena. Her most notable collaboration came with the release of her signature eyeshadow palette with beauty giant Ofra Cosmetics. The palette featured a range of eyeshadow hues and highlights, but there’s more to the beauty guru than just makeup. Khan is also an advocate for domestic violence survivors, an unfortunate topic that continues to affect the Indo-Caribbean community today. 


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2. Trini Cooking with Natasha

If you enjoy Caribbean food, these Trinidadian recipes will fill your house with savory aromas. With a whopping 190,000 subscribers on YouTube, Natasha brings delicious recipes to viewers at home. She features a segment called, “Taste of D Town,” where she gives viewers a tour of the best Caribbean restaurants around the world. She is currently a brand ambassador for Karibbean Flavours which adds Caribbean spices to your curry dishes. The Trini influencer has also managed to attract a largely male audience, breaking stereotypes that associate Caribbean women in the kitchen. 

3. MoodyMoodyMaya 

From hilarious skits to addressing social issues, Maya has gained popularity as a source of entertainment. Much of her content focuses on aspects of her life experiences and she gives relationship advice to viewers in the form of comedy. But the Trinidadian influencer is far from a joke. Maya also gives us a glimpse of her life as a college student and insights into the daily struggles and experiences of a student. Her platform addresses issues such as racism and cultural appropriation. She touches on the lack of opportunities for Indo-Caribbeans as a result of cultural appropriation. 


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4. Cincity Style Edition

Tired of staring at your closet and looking at the same outfits? Meet fashion blogger Cindy Aparbal, the modern mother who shares her love of fashion and beauty. She’ll inspire you to update that wardrobe and refresh those stale makeup products. Who says moms can’t stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends? As a wife and mother of two, Aparbal gives us an inside look at her journey through motherhood. She has collaborated with major brands like Crayola and launched her own T-shirt line, Mommy-ing Differently. Aparbal has created a platform that brings women together celebrating their experiences as mothers and fashion-forward women. 

5. Nancy Jay 

Move your waist to island tunes with dancer and content creator Nancy Jay. Bringing us Caribbean vibes, Jay’s waistline and energetic soca choreographies connect us to West Indian culture. She has been featured in music videos by artists including the king of soca himself, Machel Montano. Machel’s hit “Mami Lo Tiene,” and Linky First’s “Rock and Come In” are among a few of her features. Nancy occasionally shoots dance covers on her YouTube channel and has recently brought awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement in her videos. She serves as a powerful force of representation in the Indo-Caribbean dancing community. 


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