5 Tips For Observing Ramadan in the Corporate Workplace

Working full-time during Ramadan can get a little overwhelming sometimes. From explaining to your coworkers why you can’t join the team lunch, to days you’re yawning mid-meeting, it’s a different experience every time. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ramadan. It’s just always a unique experience at work. Check out some tips below to help navigate this month at work!

1. Be open to conversation

Often it can get intimidating talking about religion at work, but it’s so much easier when you explain what you’re doing rather than just say “it’s a religious thing” and brush it off. I’ve noticed some people are curious and may want to actually learn more about what you’re doing and why, but may turn away after you just say “its religious” and end the conversation.

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2. Help create an understanding

If a coworker has questions about Ramadan, let them know what the significance of fasting is. Talk about the month’s significance to you, as an individual.

3. Eat smart

Did you really think there’d be an article about Ramadan with no mention about food? You should definitely opt for food that will keep you full longer, because the last thing you want is to be sitting in a departmental meeting with your stomach interrupting a presentation.

4. Stay hydrated when you break your fast

A dehydration headache at 1 p.m. with 2 reports left to do? Pass. Water is your best friend during the hours you’re not fasting. The last thing you want is to be dehydrated during your actual fast.

5. Get creative with your lunch break

An hour-long lunch break with no food pretty much leaves you with a few options. You can watch a full episode of a new show, take a nap, go shopping, start a new book – the list goes on and on. Full disclosure – I think I’ve taken a nap during lunch about twice a week since Ramadan started.

Ramadan is a really unique and lovely experience, and it would be nice to share the feeling with others. My team knows I’m fasting and they often joke around with me saying “you definitely just took a nap you’re so sleepy.” I think the most entertaining experience I’ve had at work during Ramadan was sneaking snacks and water on the days I didn’t fast. My day0to-day team consists primarily of men and, after explaining why I won’t be eating or drinking, you can imagine how fun it was when I wasn’t fasting. Not that I’d care if they knew I wasn’t fasting, I just didn’t really want to explain why.

How has your Ramadan in the workplace been? Comment below with some of your experiences! 

By Areeba Qazi

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