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7 Bollywood Moms I Can Relate to: There is a Bollywood Mom for Every Occasion

3 min read

Parenting is tough. Every parent can vouch what a roller-coaster ride parenting can be. I have a toddler and heeding to his constant demands can seem tougher than matching thumkas to an item number. Someone like me, who has been brought up on a staple diet of Bollywood movies, always thinks of fellow Bollywood moms in highly emotional parenting moments.

Here are all the Bollywood moms I can relate to.

  1. When my kid helps clean up, and I’m royally pleased (pun intended):

Bollywood Moms I Can Relate To
[Photo Credit: Giphy]
2. When he says he wants more broccoli:

Bollywood Moms I can Relate to
[Photo Credit: Rediff]
3. When he wants to eat junk before a meal, or just about anytime:

[Photo Credit: Giphy]

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4. When he walks in on me eating all the unhealthy snacks:

[Photo Credit: Giphy]
5. When I am able to exercise for 10 minutes:

[Photo Credit: Giphy]
6. When I return from work and haven’t seen him all day

[Photo Credit: The Booky Nista]

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7. When I become mama bear to anyone who dares to judge, bully or trouble my little one:

Bollywood Moms I Can Relate To
[Photo Credit: Swirlster]
Parenting can be as exasperating as watching Himesh Reshammiya sing Tandoori nights, or as exhilarating as a Bollywood mom watching her son return home. It can seem as ludicrous as happy endings in movies, and tougher than Gully Boy’s lyrics. And sometimes all these feelings can be experienced on the same day. Thankfully there is a Bollywood mom for every occasion.

Which Bollywood moms do you relate to and why? Do you also think of your favorite Bollywood moms as you face different parenting challenges in your day? Let us know in the comments below. We always love hearing from you!