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7 Facts we Learned About Deepika Padukone From her Latest Spread in Paper Magazine

Paper Magazine
2 min read

by Zaynah Arefin 

All set for the release of “xXx: Return of Xander Cage,” Deepika Padukone is beginning to circulate in American media with spreads in Vanity Fair and Paper Magazine. Padukone makes her fresh presence felt among a prominent star-studded cast, yet leaves us wishing for more.

In a recent sit down with Paper Magazine, Deepika juxtaposes her experience of working in Hollywood and Bollywood films industries, giving us the insight of her noteworthy observations.

#BeautifulPeople: Deepika Padukone

Go behind-the-scenes of our #BeautifulPeople shoot with Deepika Padukone

Posted by Paper Magazine on Friday, September 2, 2016

1. Before filming her upcoming Hollywood flick “xXx”, Padukone had only visited America a couple of times as a child.

2. Padukone’s dream male co-stars are Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling. They may be “cliché” as she says during the interview, but we still applaud her choices.

3. Padukone’s social media of choice is Instagram because she feels “pictures really speak a thousand words.”

4. She considers herself to be very shy. Kind of hard to believe since she’s about to conquer global film domination, right?

5. After working in both Bollywood and Hollywood, she saw many several similarities between the two industries, which led her to feel proud of the Indian film industry.

6. It took her a couple of days to be able to adapt to her Hollywood surroundings while shooting for “XxX”.

7. During filming, she most looked forward to working with new people and challenging herself, which is what she cites as the reason for joining Hollywood.

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After working on “xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage,” Padukone describes the movie to be exactly like any other Indian movie, just in English. We are anxious to see if she’s right, as we await eagerly for the January release of Padukone’s Hollywood debut.

Fingers crossed that this won’t be a blink and miss role for our beloved Bollywood talent. In the meantime, check out the trailer for “xXx” Return of Xander Cage” below!

Zaynah Arefin is known as a Houstonian-New Yorker. She is a New Yorker in the truest of senses but thanks to that little thing called love she now resides in Texas. Arefin is probably the desi-est of the desis.  She has a passion for writing and an even more intense love for all things Bollywood! She also hopes to connect with all of you filmy folk through Brown Girl Magazine! After all, who run the world? Brown girls!


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