7 “Makeup Rules” you can Kiss Goodbye

When I first started wearing makeup, I was overly dependent on YouTube tutorials. Moisturize, color-correct, apply foundation, conceal, bake, contour, do the eyes, highlight. Fast forward to 2018, makeup and beauty are not about following steps to achieve the “perfect” look. Instead, it is what it was always supposed to be – a way to express yourself. There are only a few things in life where you can break the rules according to your desire, and thankfully, breaking makeup rules is one of them.

First and foremost, we have got to erase the boundaries between what is “day” and “night” makeup. Yes, of course, you may not want to wear glittery eyeshadow at your 9 AM conference. However, the line between what is appropriate for day/night makeup is getting blurrier day by day. So, there’s room there to experiment a little bit.

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Along with that tip, here are a few makeup rules that you can break without thinking twice!

1. Do NOT wear colorful eyeshadow

Err… A pop of color is all the hype! You do not have to keep up with a warm or cool tone anymore. A few months ago, we would have thought twice about wearing bright yellow, orange, or green eyeshadow. Now, adding bright eyes to your look is what Summer 2018 is all about! Don’t worry about whether or not you can pull it off – just go for it with a matte-daytime look! And for some inspo, let the fashion queens of Bollywood show you how it’s done!

makeup rules
[Sonam Kapoor’s green lids are a sight for sore eyes. Photo source: The Hauter Fly]
makeup rules
[Blue eyeshadow isn’t just reserved for Kim Kardashian. You can rock it, too! Photo source: Seenit]

2. A winged eyeliner is the best way to style eyes

We have always heard the saying “May your eyeliner be sharp enough to kill.” What if I told you that there are more ways to shape your liner and still slay? Even if you do not have a winged eyeliner to top off your look for the day, you can still pull off a stunning face. How about a straight line from start to finish? Maybe you prefer no liner at all! If you want to try something totally unique, you can add colorful eyeliner to finish it all off!

makeup rules
[Kareena Kapoor-Khan’s killer bridal look also featured a different eyeliner look. There’s a reason this getup was all the rage. Photo source: Mumbai Mirror]

3. Do NOT wear dark lips with bold eyes

Chuck this one out the window right now because wearing a dark lip shade with bold eyes is not only the trend but also a representation of how expressive you can get with makeup! You do not have to worry about wearing a red or maroon lip with a smokey eye. I mean, just look at these beauties slaying their looks while breaking the rules.

makeup rules
[Bollywood babe Sonam Kapoor-Ahuja seems to be breaking all the beauty “rules” and we’re loving it! Here, she’s serving us a bold lip with a smokey eye — worthy of all the tareefan! Photo source: Times of India]
makeup rules
[Photo source: Seenit]

4. A darker lip pencil is the only way to go

Who says?! Use a similar shade matching your lipstick or gloss to amp up your lips! I’ll let this look do all the talking.

makeup rules
[Amplify your pucker with a lip pencil that matches your lipstick! Photo source: Pinterest]

5. You have to have perfectly drawn eyebrows

Perfection has a different definition when we discuss eyebrows and we are LOVING it! While the signature Deepika Padukone or Aditi Rao Hydari brows are to kill for, this trend ain’t that bad. Groom your brows any way you would prefer – so natural! Can this get any better? It reminds me of the young Kareena Kapoor Khan from her Refugee days.

makeup rules
[Natural is the way to go. Photo source: Teen Vogue]

6. Highlighter is only for the cheekbones and the corner of your eyes

I love putting highlighter all over my face before applying foundation! Why? Simply to glow! I am starting to become aware of the fact, that with makeup, you do not necessarily have to follow the “procedures.” In addition to skincare products that aid glowing, putting highlighter wherever you prefer, be it the forehead, nose bridge, chin, or your collarbones, is totally permissible!

7. You have to use brushes or a beauty blender to apply your makeup

When I was doing makeup for an event with my grandma next to me, she suggested just using my fingers – it is easier and quicker! Even YouTube makeup artists go for using their fingers to apply their makeup for a smoother finish. Try it out! Take a break from the Kabuki brush and your beauty blender. To add a twist, use a lighter pink or peach lipstick to swatch it over your cheeks and blend with your fingers!

Break free of the makeup rules, ladies! Be your own guru, that’s what #BrownGirls are! Let us know of other rules that you tend NOT to follow while doing your makeup!

By Shezda Afrin

Shezda Afrin is an aspiring physician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the age of four, it was quite normal of her … Read more ›

17 Ayurvedic Beauty Brands on our Radar Right Now

Holistic beauty trends are more prevalent than ever — that makes ayurvedic beauty brands incredibly sought-after, as well. Do you find yourself asking what your beauty products are actually made of? A lot of us even resort to food products for a skincare routine such as honey for face wash.

The term “Ayurvedic Beauty” is getting more recognition outside the South Asian world as well.

Ayurvedic beauty is coined upon the term “Ayurveda,” which originated in Hindu culture as the basis of utilizing the five life forms — air, water, ether, fire, and earth — to heal the human body.

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Ayurvedic beauty brands focus on using herbs and natural ingredients to create their skincare range and consumers around the world are attracted to these natural products.

Scroll down to see some Ayurvedic beauty brands founded by South Asians.

Soma Ayurvedic

Is your skin feeling a little dry this winter? Nourishing your skin with body oil will lend it the right amount of moisture — Soma Ayurvedic’s jasmine body oil can do that trick! Shop the oil, and their full line of products, here.


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Sama Tea

If you’re familiar with author and podcast Host, Jay Shetty, then you may have heard of his tea line, Sama Tea. Herbal teas provide many natural benefits. Has it been a stressful week? Try their lavender rose chamomile tea for some TLC. Check them out here.


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Sahajan Skincare

Know the Netflix show “Ginny & Georgia?” Loved the actress’ fresh-looking skin? Sahajan Skincare is behind that glow! They’re a must-try, featured in both Vogue and Elle India. See their full range of products here.


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Shaz and Kiks

This unique company showcases its brand with an emphasis on ‘holistic.’ Whether it’s bad hair days or excessive shedding, not only do Shaz and Kiks provide the products to help but also break down the science behind the problem. Go on your very own shopping spree by clicking here!


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Looking for accessible ayurvedic beauty products? Look no further! Ranavat is now in Sephora. With a beauty line that covers both hair and skin, there’s something here for everyone. See for yourself here.


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UMM Skincare

UMM Skincare is known for its brown sugar body scrub, made with natural ingredients, and Bakuchi oil known to improve signs of aging and hyperpigmentation. Try it for yourself by shopping here!


Give your skin the best by adding ZAILA to your daily skincare routine! Click here and start shopping!


This brand is all plant-powered, and we’re here for it — you should be too! Check out their full range of products here.

Inde Wild

Are you looking for brown skin-friendly sunscreen filled with nutrients? Look no further. Inde Wild has its very own SPF 50, with natural substances such as liquorice extract and cica, and it’s a mineral SPF suitable for all skin types. See what the brand is all about and shop it here.


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Mango People

I’m always in the market for brown girl-friendly lipsticks, and ones that are made of natural ingredients are a huge plus. Mango People does just this with their unique lipstick colors that suit all brown skin tones. Try them out here!

Kama Ayurveda

Need to swap out your shampoo for something better? Try Kama Ayurveda’s Ayurvedic Hair cleaner, infused with a variety of herbs and pulses with key ingredients like vetiver, tulsi, rose, moong beans, and shikakai. They have a variety of products to choose from so start with your hair and keep shopping for more here!


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Forest Essentials

According to Forest Essentials, night time is the best time for hydration. Check out their night cream, filled with nutrients to enrich your skin. You can shop their wide variety of products here.


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Koppen Ayurveda

A brand made for modern living, their essentials are all worth a shot! Start shopping here!


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Looking for a new face mask to try? AAVRANI has a variety of face masks and explains in detail when you should apply the mask during the week depending on your skin type. Take a look here!


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Plant-based skincare, anyone? Delhicious has got everyone covered, so click here and fill your baskets!


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Pratima Skincare

Just getting into skincare and don’t know where to start? PRATIMA skincare has starter sets, with basics, that every woman can use such as vitamin C serum, essential oils, and collagen creams. Grab yours now by shopping here!


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Fable & Mane

Struggling with hair care recently? Fable & Mane includes various hair oils in their collection that help grow and nourish your hair. Not only that, they have a scalp detox line as well — definitely worth checking out. See their full range of products here.


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In a world that’s becoming more conscious of holistic living, embracing Ayurvedic beauty in your day-to-day is a step in the right direction, and these brands are here to help you get started.

By Hrishika Muthukrishnan

Raised in North Carolina, Hrishika Muthukrishnan spent 18 years thinking there wasn’t much to the suburbs before she discovered how … Read more ›