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8 Amazing Dates To Take Your ‘Pyaar’ On

2 min read

by PyaarStory

New York City

1. Rooftop Cocktails and Cabanas: One of the best ways to light up someone’s eyes is by catching a great view of the beautiful NYC skyline. Rooftop bars provide a fun and comfortable atmosphere to get to know one another and spark some chemistry. Hotel Americano is one of many places to offer stunning views of the city.

2. Carriage Ride through Central Park: Horse drawn carriage rides are a unique way to experience Central Park. You can sit back and enjoy the views of the park while enjoying your conversation with your date. Carriage rides are available year-round, making it easy to plan this fun date.

3. Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the largest art museums in the world. Although many New Yorkers have probably visited already, there are always new exhibits to see and the experience is different with each trip. Visit the Roof Garden Cafe and Martini Bar for panoramic views of Manhattan.


4. Millennium Park: Check out the many different concerts, exhibitions, tours and activities that are offered in Millennium Park! It is a great place to meet for coffee or ice cream while spending time with someone new. Chicago’s state of the art architecture is a fantastic backdrop while getting to know one another.

5. Comedy Club: Chicago is the home of Improv Theater, so what better way to share some laughs with your date than by going to a comedy show together! The world famous club The Second City or iO Theater are highly recommended to give you a good time!

Los Angeles

6. Griffith Observatory: The amazing city views that can be seen from Griffith Observatory never get old. You can gaze at the stars by sitting in the Planetarium shows that are offered daily or see the city lights of Downtown Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. Grab a bite to eat together by visiting The Cafe at the End of the Universe.

7. Wine Tasting: California houses some of the greatest vineyards in the country. Whether you and your date want to get away for the day or the weekend, wine tasting is a fun and memorable activity to do together. Enjoy the beautiful SoCal weather by being outside and tasting your favorite wines and chocolates! Most wineries offer romantic candlelight dinners where you can spend even more time with your date.


8. Mixology Class: If you’re going to go out and grab drinks on your date, why not impress your date by making them yourself? Trying something new is a great way to spark some chemistry and have fun together. Teach each other what you like to drink, and see who can make the best version!

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