8 Ways to Multipurpose Your Eyeliner

by Sapna Sakaria

Now that the warm weather is here, it’s time to refresh our makeup routines and wear the least amount of product while achieving a simple, statement look.

More so, multi-purposing your products is key for a speedy, daily routine! Finding various functions for your eyeliners/eyeshadows to make your eyes pop with bright colors is the goal of this beauty post.

1. Gold/champagne shimmery liners brighten and highlight. Highlighting brings life to your face so don’t skip this step, especially during the summer.

Use the shimmer on your inner tear ducts, above your cupids bow, on the cheekbones and down the center of the nose.  Line the lower waterline to make the eyes shimmer in all the right places. Try lining the upper lash line thickly with a gold, then top with brown/black liner in a line half that size so the gold pops through. Adding an unexpected element and highlights the eyes nicely. Great tip for on-the-go touch ups!


2. Nude/beige eyeliner creates a bright-eyed look by lining the inner rim of your lower lash line for those tired days or to create the illusion of bigger eyes. This is the ultimate staple for the girl on the go! Stay away from using white as it looks unnatural and doesn’t blend as well with tanner complexions. Even for the palest skin tones, I would choose beige tones to naturally mesh with the skin around the eyes.



– Lining the lower waterline with dark colors closes up the eyes so if you have smaller eyes and want large round eyes, line under the lash line and blend to diffuse harsh lines. You can achieve a “smoked out” look this way depending on the amount of product you use and intensity. Brighter eyes look youthful not to mention fresh and flattering.

3. Flatter your eye colors and make them sparkle! Make the most of your eye color by applying the opposing shade to make them pop. Jewel tones are amazing at making a statement on the eyes. Used as an alternative to the boring go-to, black liner. Metallic formulas provide a more wearable and sophisticated pop of color vs. chunky glittery pencils that don’t offer the same result. Keep it fun and experiment with different colors like aqua! Grays and browns are great alternatives to black as well.

Think of a color wheel and the color that is opposite to your eye color:

Brown eyes—purples and greens
Green/hazel eyes—Light browns and purples
Blue eyes—coppers and golds



If you’re an eyeliner hoarder like myself and don’t find yourself going through the product as quickly as you would like, follow these tips to make use of them in untraditional ways!

4. Quick smokey eyes: Using any jewel tone, black, brown or gray liner, create a soft but dramatic look by applying eyeliner on the lids or outer corner of the eyes. Blur out all the harsh lines with your finger or a small brush angled brush. Your eyes will look defined and sultry!

5.  Eyeshadow base: Use your eyeliner as an eyeshadow base under eyeshadow or as a quick cream shadow look. Use a smooth formula that will glide on your lids for the perfect long wearing base for shadows. Be sure to blur the edges to avoid drawn on lines while keeping the intensity in the center.

6. Wing-out-your-eyes: Wing your liner as thick or thin as you like for that cat-eye effect. For a fun and unpredictable look, stay on trend by using jewel tones that’ll make a statement and give you that drama. Use your traditional black/brown across the eyes and create the flick using a pop of color with an angled brush for a precise line.
7. Dramatic “Arabic” inspired eyes: For an almond shaped dramatic eye look, apply liner on the inner corners of your tear duct in a sharp triangular shape to define eyes and continue by winging out the outer end as well.
8. Use mascara as eyeliner? The purpose of eyeliner is to intensify and thicken the lash line therefore defining the lashes is a must! I see too many girls lining their eyes and choosing to forego mascara which resorts to the undefined, shapeless, “panda” eye look.
Major Hack: In a pinch, use mascara as a gel liner! Simply dip an eyeliner brush into the mascara tube and line eyes. Genius!
Quick tips:
– Lay liquid eyeliner on the inside side and glide along lash line for a smooth line across the eye.
– For a subtle pop, use black/brown and create a flick only on the end without lining the entire eye. Gives the illusion of flared/feather-like lashes at the corners of your eyes! Do this before of after applying mascara.
– If you don’t want to purchase multiple eyeliners, dip a damp brush in your favorite eyeshadow and use as a liner on the eyes.
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