A Poem for Father’s Day

A father is the one friend who we can always rely on. He is the guiding force in each of our lives. As daughters, our words make the most ordinary of men a hero. A father is the epitome of faith and selfless affection. Although every day is a day to celebrate and cherish our fathers and father figures, today is special.

Father’s Day was first celebrated in the U.S. in 1910 and since then, it is celebrated by people across the world, on the third Sunday of June every year. It’s a day when we all share the beauty of this bond through words. We write heartfelt expressions to describe a pure and honest familial relationship.

While being a father is tough, but it’s an incredibly fulfilling job. And letting our dads know how important they are to us can make fatherhood even more rewarding for them. “Only a Dad” describes my own tight father-daughter relationship. This poem is a celebration of not only my father but of all the awesome dads who try in earnest to make positive contributions to their children’s lives.

Only a Dad

Growing up I soon enough realized,
His role is to rightly roar & hers to defy.

His anger smells like ashtrays,
Like the blazing inferno some days.

But his love tastes like syrupy Künefe
Like the scent of sweet hibiscus wafting through the air.
He is a vision of smiling valleys.

He bears the whips and scorns of life,
Toiling through the everyday strife,
Without a furrow of pain,
To let our smiles sustain.

His dreams are seldom spoken,
He smooths our ways often,
He is the foundation so staunch,
To the best my life he aspires to launch.

My world is spun in a silvery cocoon of his toil and pride,
To his principles I vouch to abide.

When despair of the world grows in me,
In the middle of the scary nights I run towards him,
His smile is an alchemy that changes every heavy minuscule bit into drops of honey.

His warm and tight hug in tough times,
Like the dewdrops kissing a flower under the sunshine.
Like Euphrosyne bestowing blessings from the skies.

When I fall,
He picks me up and dusts me off,
An antidote to all my worries,
A heart so pure inside he carries.

He sings to me lullabies new,
Eyes never seen so true,
He is an epitome of love and faith.

This is the line that for him I pen,
Only a dad, but the best of men.

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