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How to Achieve a Flawless, Colorful Look for Your Next Desi Wedding

2 min read

Wedding season is upon us and choosing an extravagant look is always a priority for the perfect desi shaadi look.

Check out part-2 of my wedding tutorial where I step out of my usual comfort zone of utilizing golds, bronzes and neutral tones, and instead use pinks and purples to play up a very-occasion appropriate colorful look!

My goal was to demonstrate the look from start to finish by color correcting my currently tired skin, applying color-matching foundation, and highlighting and contouring with lots of details. Although I have tutorials specifically catered to each of these steps, I wanted to do a fully loaded tutorial that incorporates each technique for a complete special occasion/wedding look.

Through this tutorial, you can see it’s possible to have fun with bright colors while achieving a natural finish that doesn’t look too heavy or cake-y, and perfectly matches your skin tone (so important)!

And, be sure to refer to my part-1 of my wedding tutorial: Seven tips every prospective bride or guest should know during special occasions where lots of photography is involved because who doesn’t like a great selfie, or ten? =D

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Products Used:
Luminizing Primer: L’Oreal Magic Lumi – http://goo.gl/Dz0WfU
Color Corrector: Liquid Cover Up LO2 – http://goo.gl/zmNIUH
(pot form not shown Wonders of the World O2 – http://goo.gl/dvgd6J )
Foundation/Concealer: Liquid Cover Up V4 – http://goo.gl/9LLOdH
Cream Contour: Instant Pick Me Up CC6.0 – http://goo.gl/9Yvxgw
Cream Highlight: Instant Pick Me Up CC2.0 – http://goo.gl/HH7OTV
Shimmer Highlight: Instant Pick Me Up LL1.0 – http://goo.gl/SkVVqS
Bronzer: Brazilian Bronzer – http://goo.gl/x2WOpo
Powder Highlight: Nars Albatross – http://goo.gl/ZcVi5A
Setting Powder: Face Base V4 – http://goo.gl/xD4L5v
“Baking”: Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder – http://goo.gl/5Ri9cC
Cream Blush: Lip/Cheek Pod Candlelight – http://goo.gl/7ApM8M
Blush: Micronized Silky Blush Swiss Alps – http://goo.gl/TIHqk5

Primer: Nars Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base – http://goo.gl/Hd0l6u
Eyeshadows: Masonic Temple Duo – http://goo.gl/frkCBq
Crease Color: Brazilian Bronzer – http://goo.gl/x2WOpo
Waterline Eyeliner: Kajal Extreme Rose Gold – http://goo.gl/D1Er7s
Lower Lashline Eyeliner: Kajal Extreme Purple Gem – http://goo.gl/3VFCnI
Upper Lashline Eyeliner: Inglot AMC Gel 77 – https://goo.gl/oVnPj5
Mascara: Eye Smile – http://goo.gl/O5r7Y0

1) Soft Pink :
Revlon 002 Matte Pink Pout Lipstick – http://goo.gl/ty6Wtd
YSL Gloss Pur 2 – Pure Rose
2) Hot Pink:
Smashbox Nude Medium – http://goo.gl/xw7l0R
Gel Matte Crazy In Love – http://goo.gl/R9SWBI
YSL Gloss Pur 2 – Pure Rose

Sigma Brushes Used:
Flat Top Kabuki F80 for face products- http://ow.ly/NTf45
Powder Brush F25- http://ow.ly/NTf7r 
Bronzer F40 – http://ow.ly/NTfan
Highlight/Blush F15- http://ow.ly/NTfdV
Main Eyeshadow Brush E25- http://ow.ly/NTfg7 
Blending Brush E35- http://ow.ly/NTfjc
Lower Waterline E17- http://ow.ly/NTflp

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