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An ode to all the Women In the House

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The fact that in some households men just sit on couches, while women cook for them, serve them, feed the kids, do the dishes and eat the leftovers, haunts me. Still, at the end of the day, these women aren’t even appreciated. I can’t imagine a life where my husband would throw tantrums at me in front of his friends or treat me like a personal waiter. No offence to any ladies out there, but my mother serves food, too, but she certainly isn’t the last one to eat. My father makes sure she eats alongside him and he helps her as much as he can with serving food or getting water. Everything should be 50-50. Patriarchy should come to an end with the new budding generation. Next time you’re in a family gathering and notice these little signs of male domination, try to put a stop to this tradition of putting men on a pedestal.

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Women of Your House

As you sit on the sofa and talk about politics,
I’m supposed to cook, do the dishes, and even handle the kids.
As you sit on the sofa and talk about politics,
You have the audacity to ask for a glass water while I clean the house, these are your

As you sit on the sofa, you’ve changed the topic to hard work,
Just when I finish my chores and picked up a plate to eat, you have the audacity to already
ask for dessert with a smirk?

You expect me to leave my first bite of roti and immediately grab something sweet for you,
All these years they’ve put men on a pedestal and they still do,
Women are still less credible than men, just stating the facts, nothing new.

Look around when it’s dinner time in a Punjabi household,
you’ll find your mothers and sisters knee-deep in the kitchen, while the men sit around and

Why can’t we all just eat food together, why can’t we value both genders the same?
Why don’t men wash the dishes while women eat first, let’s try playing this game.
Then watch how quick men will lose,
roles should be reversed for once, then women will show their power on the pedestal and
trust me even we will misuse.

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