Apartment Decor Ideas that are Borderline Genius

Be it your very first apartment or your 10th, the struggle to settle is real. The struggle might even be the same for offices, where you need to find popular blinds for offices to create a nice aesthetic. New spaces obviously demand time and patience on one’s part but that’s not even the problem here. It is the need to start over again and that too with a bang! So we carry these high hopes and expectations along with us that this time our living space is going to look like an interior design catalog. While our hearts support these demands of ours, our wallets usually rebel.

So without breaking your heart’s expectations (and the bank too), if you have been struggling with a decent looking apartment, then these borderline genius and contemporary ideas will save your day for they won’t just fill up your living space but will actually help you achieve a luxurious looking home, all in a budget.

Begin with a Color Palette

The quickest way to fix and uplift your living space is by introducing a color palette. In order to keep things chic and urban, opt for a neutral base color and create contrasts. Stick to 2 to 3 bold color options and don’t go overboard. For instance, a neutral beige paired with a bold red and eternal black can completely transform the look of your living room. With more beige and black and brown furnishing, you can use red cushions and decor pieces to create strong focal points and break the monotony. Always use little elements for introducing that pop of colors.

The Bedroom of Your Dreams

A place where you will be spending a lot of time- you really need to go all in when it comes to your bedrooms. Bedrooms usually involve a lot of expenditure, especially if you are revamping the whole appeal. But there are still a few things that can drastically change the look for the better (and cheaper). Plain neutral walls, an eye-catching headboard, soft rugs, good bed sets with duvets and lots of pillows and a long mirror are the must-haves. Other than this, if you feel like adding in extra decoration pieces, be sure to keep them in groups of 3 or 5. This will help create some interesting visuals in the bedroom.

Build a Better Bathroom

Your bathroom will make or break your entire living experience. Before moving to a new place, don’t be afraid to set aside a small budget for renovations and much-needed upgrades. Don’t be afraid to experiment with contemporary bathroom design ideas, for most of them now scream feasibility and durability. You don’t need elaborate shower systems or bathtubs (which are big no in the long run). Dark tiles for the floor, DIY shelves for extra space, simple vertical shower, a clean-cut mirror with bold frame and a two-toned theme is what you should aspire for. Also, unleash your creativity by experimenting with artificial plants to add in that extra dash of freshness.

Curtains for the Airy Vibes

Since most apartments are small, especially if you are talking about studio apartments, introducing vertical space would give it some more room to breathe. Not just this, in comparison to those standard blinds, the addition of long curtains is an upgrade that you must make in your new apartment. A solid colored curtain will definitely add in some extra drama and grand appearance, and even if you have small windows, long curtains will conceal them and give that larger-than-life appeal. For living room curtains, opt for lighter colours as dark coloured curtains can suffocate an already small space. The darker colours add in a more warm and cozy vibe and should be used for bedrooms.

Let the Walls Be Your Own Gallery

A quick and very easy to way not only personalize your living space but add in extra cover is by utilizing the walls in your apartments. Hang paintings of different sizes to create visual centrepieces and interesting corners. Even if you don’t have artworks, use your photographs or college art projects for this purpose. And don’t even worry about the frame, there are plenty of DIY’s that you can try for this purpose.

Nothing Beats a Well Curated Entrance

The moment you step your foot into your living space, you should feel welcomed and relaxed. This is why we all need to consider paying more attention to our entry ways. You don’t need a dedicated corner- a simple plain empty wall would do the trick too. Paint the wall a different colour, or add in a shelf with different decoration pieces or even different ornamental frames and mirrors- there are several ways through which you can create a grand entry-way look.

And while you are decorating your apartment and are working on its new look, take it one thing at a time. You don’t need to buy everything at the same time. Take things one section by another and lastly, take your time!

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