Jacquile Singh Kambo

Embrace team: Jacquile Singh Kambo, award winning Director and Writer for "Help Wanted" (2016) focusing on South Asian gang violence. Fascinated with film noir and drama, his passion for storytelling drives him to build connections and change perspectives. Jacquile hopes to expand his achievements into writing and directing feature films. Raman K Fenty - Model, Actress, and Writer. Her journey as a creative started with modeling as self expression and slowly shifted to different avenues of art including writing, acting, and co- producing. Raman hope's to further her successes in writing and producing for future projects. Jayesh Kodwani graduated from Whistling Woods International Film School, Mumbai, India, and commenced his professional career in the film industry producing a feature film, 'Dad Hold My Hand,' shot in London, UK & Mumbai, India. The move to Vancouver, Canada, brought in a different perspective towards filmmaking for him. Gaining global experience while working on international film projects in the UK and Canada, he looks forward to contributing more to the magical world of cinema. Social Media Links: @jacquilekambo @ramankfenty @jennaberman

Articles by Jacquile Singh Kambo