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Ayesha Patel’s ‘Priya in Heels’ Book Review and Giveaway

2 min read

by Pia Chakrabarti

Enter the giveaway below to win an exclusive Ring Holder from author Ayesha Patel, who recently released a contemporary new adult novel, “Priya in Heels.” After entering in the giveaway, make sure read the review below, by BG Pia Chakrabarti

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“Priya in Heels,” by Ayesha Patel, is perfect for a teenage audience, or a quick read on a low-key Friday night spent at home. The plot is similar to many Bollywood classics, but with an American twist. Priyanka Patel, a doctor doing her residency in Houston, finds herself conflicted between upholding her parents’ traditional Indian values, and allowing herself to take part in what is considered a normal American dating life.  Throughout high school, college, and medical school, Priya has managed to devote all of her attention to academic pursuits, but now she finds herself strangely drawn to her neighbor, Tyler. Sounds like the life you lived as a South Asian American? Well, then read on, enter the giveaway above and purchase an e-copy!

Now, Tyler is your stereotypical irresistible ‘Hottie McHotfest.’

Shimmering green eyes like emeralds. Auburn hair, a little wavy, wisped across his forehead, curled over his ears, and flirted with his shirt collar. Kissable lips curved upward, set above a firm, square jaw. He almost had me stuttering like a boy-crazy teenager, the way his intense eyes held my attention.”

Tyler is also the lead singer of a semi-successful band and a scientist at NASA! Chick-lit fantasies galore, right? Except one minor detail – he is white, and it would crush Priya’s parents if they found out that their little angel and obedient daughter was dating outside of their culture. While Priya battles with herself on whether or not to give in to her hottie’s “kissable lips,” her parents are busy trying to set her up with an eligible bachelor from their community.

Then Manuk walked in. He was tall and trim with broad shoulders beneath a green kurta. His short, black hair was combed forward with a bit of a spike in the front, something I didn’t expect from an Indian or a doctor. His light brown eyes gleamed and his smile was charming—suitable for parents, of course. His eyes didn’t leave mine until Mummie took my hand and pulled me forward. My legs remembered how to walk.”

We know lots of girls like Priya, who battle to marry someone they love, as opposed to marrying a suitable partner, also acceptable by their family. But will love unravel Priya’s life? It’s no doubt, her life becomes complicated when choosing between two successful hot guys. To find out who manages to steal (and keep) Priya’s heart, you can purchase the newly released young adult novel for only $2.99 here.

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