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Back to the Basics – White Tee with Skinny Jeans, by fashion blogger Zunera Mazhar

2 min read

by Zunera Mazhar

Hello Brown Girl fashionistas. For today’s #FashionFriday look, I paired my favorite blue jeans with a plain white tee. Of course, the look would not be complete without a splash of color and what better way to do that than with a colorful scarf. There are so many fun ways to wear a scarf and it can easily accessorize or completely change the look of a dull outfit.

Next time you’re in a hurry and can’t think of a spunky outfit, head out the door looking fly with the white-tee-look that makes a bold statement.

And of course, for daily fashion inspiration, visit my blog Zunera&Serena.

Faded-Blue-Denim-Jeans-with-FLoral-Scarf-003-683x1024 Faded-Blue-Denim-Jeans-with-FLoral-Scarf-002-683x1024 Faded-Blue-Denim-Jeans-with-FLoral-Scarf-010-683x1024 Faded-Blue-Denim-Jeans-with-FLoral-Scarf-004-683x1024 Faded-Blue-Denim-Jeans-with-FLoral-Scarf-008-683x1024 Faded-Blue-Denim-Jeans-with-FLoral-Scarf--683x1024 Faded-Blue-Denim-Jeans-with-FLoral-Scarf-009-683x1024

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zunera mazhar Zunera Mazhar is the highest earning fashion blogger in Washington D.C. Her blog, Zunera & Serena, is about fashion, inspiration, confidence and she occasionally includes photos of her five-year-old fashionista, Serena! The blog has been featured on ABC, FOX and she is a featured guest on CNN. She has worked with some of the top designers and retailers in the fashion industry and is the international brand ambassador of “Labels.” She contributes/writes for Self Magazine, AOL’s Stylelist. and POPSugar. When she is not blogging, she works as a program manager for Refugee Asylum and International Operations for the U.S. Immigration Services.