Beauty Inside is Happiness Outside

[Photo courtesy of Sanchita Gandhi.]

I believe that beauty is truly skin deep. It is the confidence we carry from the inside that exudes into all phases of our lives outside. We can only find our personal confidence through our own successes and failures and recognizing our own personal sense of self. This poem expresses how I’ve felt in different parts of my life. It shows the body issues we’ve all gone through. Enjoy.

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Beauty Inside is Happiness Outside

Every day she looked in the mirror,
In a little bit of angst and fear.
She saw in the mirror, her silhouette
Of a body that went from size 6 to size 12, less than perfect.
She was the size of an average woman in America.
She still felt the desire to be a thin angelica.
As they came, her older days,
Of elder responsibilities, and joys
Brought along additional weight
That she couldn’t get rid of; she hated.
She didn’t realize that beyond that silhouette
Was her true self inside, and that is just perfect.
She was not working on being look bate,
Like her earlier days
And young immature ways
Her younger thinner days weren’t happier;
She focused on other self-insecurities, feeling less than dapper
Now to present day, she passed exams,
And damn,
She was one that grew confidence
Increased poise, and prominence
Along with that gained weight
She was accomplished
Accolades everywhere, the world astonished.
Yet she still had angst about her looks; she should have focused more on that inner silhouette
More than the outer one when looking at the mirror daily in fact
She should have seen that happiness is from the inside
And she should have put those self-deprecating image issues to the side
Because through all phases she was and is enough.
And beauty is always skin deep.
For her and other girls, the happiest girls inside
Will be the most beautiful outside.

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