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Must Watch Beauty Tutorials for South Asian Women, by Birchbox’s Deepica Mutyala

deepa mutyala
2 min read

by BG Staff 

Birchbox’s Deepica Mutyala knows what South Asian women want, so we’ve compiled her most recent makeup/beauty tutorials, just for you! If you like what you see, subscribe for more and comment below because we will happily share more videos. Catch our newest Brown Girl, Deepica on NBC‘s “Today Show” tomorrow at 8:35 a.m., where she will demo her under eye trick (watch the video below)!

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1. How to Get Full Brows

deepa mutyala

2. The 5 Lipsticks You Need to Know About

Deepa Mutyala

3. How to Mask Dark Under Eye Circles

Deepa Mutyala