Blazers 101: Suiting Up in Monotones

Listen guys, I am not good at the ‘gushing over of outfits’. I follow a lot of fashion blogs that say things like “well I paired this with that” and “this is so the colour of spring”. But it is not my vernacular and if that is what you are seeking…sorry guys, you won’t find it here. This is more ‘my story’ regarding suiting up in chic, monotone blazers.

Honestly, I was never a suit gal. I found blazers bulky and ill-fitting. My shoulders are a bit broad so I felt like a linebacker in a suit. On a recent trip back to my parent’s place in Chicago, I discovered old blazers from high school that I bought on sale, but they never really fit. I was 15 and really wanted to channel the Clinton pantsuit because, hello, I too wanted to be a BOSS. To my surprise (or chagrin, haven’t decided yet), with the extra poundage of married life, I found those blazers to fit perfectly well. I started feeling the silhouette because it gave me a shape that echoed Dior’s ‘New Look’ (google it; it is a fashion milestone). So just like that, I became the suit gal.

Currently, I’m more into a monochrome, bold palette. Whenever I am looking for clean, fashion-forward silhouettes, ZARA is my go-to brand. Here are some of my favourite picks below:

Look 1: Coral Sensation

Coral Blazer Cigarette Pant Set + Pink Bazaar Clutch

This is my fave look. I felt Miami Vice meets British Proper. The colour is fun and I adore details like a metal bar snap button. It was also quite comfortable, and what more does a girl want? A perfect symbiosis of fashion and comfort!

Look 2: The Emerald Bianca Jagger

Emerald Double-Breasted Blazer & Flared Pants + Pink Bazaar Clutch + Latika Necklace Set

This outfit is what I imagine Bianca Jagger wore to Studio 54. I mean, let’s be real! Even if I was alive during that time, I wasn’t staying up and going to Studio 54. Way past my bedtime. I was actually also inspired by another influencer for this look; Rida Mandavia. She is one of my faves because she just has great taste and eye for fashion. One of the few I relate with, style-wise, on the gram. You can see her rocking a lot of  double-breasted blazers.

Look 3: 21st Century Dior

Inverted Lapel Blazer + Cigarette Pants + Pink Bazaar Crossbody

We all know I’m a fashion nerd and one of the most pivotal moments in fashion was when Christian Dior unveiled the ‘New Look’ in a post-WWII world. It featured suit sets cinched at the waist and SHIN-Length, fitted skirts. I mean, la scandale y’all to expose above the angle. But I guess after living through two world wars, women deserve to give no Fs. After donning this look, I felt the cut lent me the New Look vibe, et voila 21st Century Dior.

I think this flirtation will become a permanent fixture within the Ammachic wardrobe. Until next time!




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