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Brown Girl of the Month Nitika Chopra on Living with and Overcoming Chronic Illness to Inspire Others

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Nitika Chopra has been a leader in the wellness industry since she founded her blog in 2010. As the host of the Talk Show Naturally Beautiful on Z-Living and as the on-air expert for Fresh on QVC, Nitika has always empowered women to use beauty as a tangible access point to self-love.

“Known for her straight-forwarded tone and intense vulnerability, Nitika recently took everything she had learned from suffering from psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis for the past 27 years and created a conversation about self-love in the chronic illness community. With her experience in public speaking, her highly engaged social media following and her raw and honest writing that she shares weekly on her blog, Nitika is determined to get honest with her audience so that they can get honest with themselves in a way that truly transforms lives. You can also find her doing weekly content in her free Facebook group the Chronic (illness) Crew and daily on her Instagram @NitikaChopra.

When I was a little Indian girl growing up around mostly white friends, I never thought that I would be where I am today. Not only was I different from most of the kids at school because my family was from India, but I was also just as different from my own family because I was so committed to following my heart and owning my voice. If you’re a brown girl too then you already know that those are not things that are allowed or encouraged in most South Asian homes. While my parents did their absolute best to nurture and love me throughout my life there were just certain aspects of my personality that made absolutely no sense to them!

I found myself constantly fighting to have anything or anyone make sense. Cut to decades later when I finally decided to take a leap of faith and believe that the way I saw the world was something I didn’t need to hide from anyone but actually something that I needed to share with the world. So I charged my credit card so that I could hire a graphic designer and create my very first website, in the hopes of getting my own talk show one day.

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CAPTION THIS! ???? Throwback to speaking at one of my favorite events a few weeks ago. As I get ready to speak @wilbacardi in Ft. Lauderdale next week, I’ve been reflecting on my journey with being on stage. I’ve enjoyed public speaking for years now but I honestly used to be SO terrified of it. It wasn’t until I took myself out of the equation, stopped focusing on being perfect and started focusing on serving my audience, that I was able to fully enjoy it. Now it’s one of my absolute favorite things, including meeting so many of you off stage! Clearly you can tell im pumped from this picture ????? #publicspeaker #womeninleadership #truth #selflove #shesummit #grateful ?: @championseye

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After more than nine years of being an entrepreneur, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. While I have had loads of challenges and doubt along the way, my belief in myself and in something greater than me has always gotten me through it all. I now create content for a living which feels like such a blessing and privilege! Whether it’s on social media, a website, television or even through live events, I always strive to share from the most vulnerable parts of myself in the hopes that it inspires even just one person along the way.

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MY FIRST MAJOR HEALTH FLARE UP IN 2 YEARS ????? The past couple of months have been filled with so much clarity, a bit of disappointment and a couple of setbacks in between. It’s so important to me that I share the whole truth of things with you because we all have things that sparkle in our lives and things that cause chaos or break our hearts. If I am going to have the incredible privilege of sharing my truth with an audience (no matter what the size) I feel it is my duty to make sure I share the WHOLE truth so that we can collectively relieve shame and break the cycle of isolation. This weeks blog is no different in the quest to be vulnerable and real. Click the link in my bio to read it. ??? Since the summer of 2016 I have been sharing that things in my life were in a state of crumbling and I actually feel like I am finally out of that phase and have entered more of a rebuilding period of my life. It’s created a deep sense of relief for me to see that I am piecing together a new foundation for myself in many areas of my life, but it has also been a reminder of what growth actually looks like in reality. ??? It seems like when we dream about all the ways we want to grow in our lives we have this fantasy or belief that if we grow, we are always and only moving forward. Well my loves, I have found that this is not actually true. Growth looks a lot more like taking two steps forward, four steps back, one step forward, 7 steps back and so on. Click the link in my bio to see the full blog and leave me a comment there, I love hearing from all of you ???? #blog #selflove #spoonie #chronicillness #growth ?: @melindadimauro

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I am constantly giving tips on self-love and what that actually looks like, allowing others to know that if it’s a struggle for them too, they aren’t alone. One of the conversations that I am the most passionate about having is how to love yourself when you have a chronic illness and feel like you’re body’s fighting against you. After being diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of 10 and learning how to thrive with two autoimmune diseases (I also have psoriatic arthritis) for more than two decades of my life, I have a lot to say about the topic.

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New Blog Alert! I have teamed up with Dove DermaSeries and wrote a super special blog for you guys all about my summer skincare routine and I am pumped to share it with you! I used to be SO self-conscious in the warmer months because I had to show my skin and struggled with psoriasis all over my body for 16 years of my life. Now, although I am in remission, I still have to be mindful about my skincare in the summer months. I use skincare, like this soothing hand cream, to help me stay connected to myself and I am excited to share exactly how I do that in this latest blog. Click the link in my bio to learn more and see how I love my skin in the summer!#DoveDermaSeries #DovePartner #inmyownskin @inourownskin

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My hope is that I get to continue to create content that feels cathartic for me and inspires others. I feel that we are just starting to scratch the surface of what unapologetic truth and vulnerability really look like and if we want this world to be filled with more light than darkness we need to keep going and have a lot more work to do. I am also looking forward to continuing partnerships with brands that are able to put their resources behind these vital conversations to really spread awareness. After being a brand ambassador and doing campaigns for Dove, Fresh, QVC, Naturopathica and many more, I am excited for what else the future holds!”