‘Burned Girl’ Proves There’s Hope for Acid Attack Victims in India

Burned Girl

by Payal Shah

There are a few videos that offer us a fresh perspective in life; videos that tend to give us a newfound hope in humanity. “Burned Girl” is one of those. It is the story of a young girl who has the opportunity to look at the sky, something she once could not do.

When I first watched it, little did I knew that by the end of four minutes, my eyes will well up. While there have been numerous articles on pouring acid and burning children and women in South Asia, few have offered glimmers of hope and stories of optimism. “Burned Girl” did. But through this video, we see a sense of optimism for victims of such attacks.

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“Burned Girl,” created by Blue Chalk Media, takes the viewers into a hospital that treats such victims. Dr. Subodh Kumar Singh, the head doctor, speaks about how he always had a desire to have a place where victims from poor backgrounds could get quality treatment and a better chance of survival. Singh further explained that by working in such a hospital he may not earn a lot of money, but he earns a lot more love.”

Singh further explained that by working in such a hospital he may not earn a lot of money, but he earns a lot more love.

He believes that lack of quality treatment leaves the victims crippled, which subsequently leads them to be seen as outcasts by the rest of their village. However, plastic surgery gives a glimpse of hope to these victims.

This eye-opening video proves that there is a shred of hope for victims of acid and burn attacks. Though not every victim has the opportunity to start over their lives, there is comfort in the knowledge that even a few are getting the chance to rebuild and start over.

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