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Clearer Skin and a Fresher Face with the Magic of Citrus Fruits

3 min read

Citrus fruits are best known for their uses in pickles, jams and marmalades—owing to the unique tangy flavours that they possess. However, to say that this all that the citrus fruits have got to offer would be erroneous. It is because citrus fruits have got a lot of other benefits to offer, particularly in the fields of health and dermatology.

Below are some of the ways in which citrus benefits your facial skin:

Takes Care of those Sun Spots

Exposure to UV rays is, perhaps, the number one reason for damaged skins in the world of today. The UV rays from the sun deplete the antioxidants of your skin, causing hyperpigmentation. This hyperpigmentation is a cause of uneven complexions and dull skins.

While there are products—like sunscreens—available to prevent this from happening, they cannot undo the damage that has already been done. This is where citrus fruits come in. Citrus fruits contain vitamin C that not only prevents hyperpigmentation and UV-induced damage but also treats the damage that has already been done. The use of citrus peels also reduces the risk of skin cancer, which is becoming more widespread with each passing day. Consider citrus as a natural remedy for sunburns and hyperpigmentation which is not meant, in any way, as an alternative for your UVA and UVB protection sunscreens.

Freshens up Your Skin

In a day and age where pollution reigns supreme in the air, the pores on your skin become clogged with all of the dirt and dust that they have to battle with every day. Are you worried about what the environment has done to your facial skin? Well, do not fret because citrus has got what it takes to clean those clogged pores and remove that dead skin from your beautiful face.

Orange peels, in particular, are known to have high vitamin C content. Applying dried and pulverized orange peels to your skin exfoliates and revitalizes it. On top of that, these powdered peels are also helpful in shrinking skin pores and cleansing your skin of any dead skin that may be present. Regular use of orange peel facial recipes ensures that your facial skin remains clear and healthy, no matter what it may come into contact with.

Gets Rid of Acne

There are countless home questions when it comes to curbing the problem of acne like does Proactiv really work? One of the most effective of acne remedies is the use of lemon. I know what you are thinking: Who in their right mind would apply lemon juice on their acne and live to tell the tale, right?

A diluted solution of lemon juice can be applied, specifically, to heal those various spots and acne marks. Or Lemon juice can also be applied to your entire face, for it can exfoliate and leave your facial skin clear, glowing and healthy. When you do apply, however, be informed that it will sting a bit, but that just means that citrus is ridding your skin of those acne marks. Lemon juice is also a natural oil absorber, but care needs to be exercised when you apply it, for it intensifies the exposure to UV rays.

Turns Back the Clock

We cannot stay young and beautiful forever, right? Well, we cannot always stay young, obviously, but when it comes to staying beautiful, citrus fruits have got your back. The vitamin C, contained in citrus fruits, keeps your skin looking young when it, actually, is not.

As you age, the amount of collagen in your skin reduces. Collagen is imperative for the maintenance of elasticity in your skin and an absence of it would leave your skin coarse, dull and wrinkly. Citrus fruits are able to turn back the time on your skin because they help with the regeneration of collagen, ensuring that your skin looks young and beautiful for a long, long time.

Citrus fruits kill bacteria and other pathogens on the skin, making it appear fresh, clean and glowing. On top of all of the benefits that they have got to offer, they have got very refreshing fragrances, as well, ensuring that their usage will bless your nostrils. Who knew citrus could be so useful?