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6 Conscious Brands to Check out for a Festive Diwali Dhamaka

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Fall is officially here, and it is no surprise that it’s the favorite time of year for most people. This means that Diwali is also around the corner, and what’s not to love about colorful lighting, beautiful diyas, scrumptious sweets and so much more? This year might be even more special as lockdowns ease in many parts of the world and we have a chance to squeeze in some much-needed cuddles with our loved ones to celebrate the beautiful festival of lights and all the other holidays that are to come.

Back-to-back festivals mark our calendars from October right through November, and we just can’t wait to celebrate it all! But in all the party planning, home decorating and gift purchasing, it’s easy to forget about the person behind it all — you.

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This is why we’ve put together a list of our favorite self-care organizations that are not only lovely but also clean and conscious brands so that you can add taking care of yourself and the environment to your holiday gift list.

Here’s how we would get ready to celebrate ourselves before a day full of Diwali dhamaka.

For the tresses…


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Let’s face it, the first thing that’s affected by the festival stress is our hair; the festival prep combined with the seasonal weather changes can make us want to pull our hair out — if it’s not falling out already.

Our suggestion? Pamper your hair with a guilt-free mind by using Switchfix’s haircare range. They make adapting a clean and conscious routine a piece of cake! Not only are their products 100% plant-based, but their shampoos are also designed as bars so that the packaging is biodegradable too! From choosing locally sourced ingredients that require less water to grow to using sustainable manufacturing practices, they are our go-to place to shop when we want to indulge ourselves while simultaneously improving our environmental impact. We didn’t think that was possible either!

Their DIFY bundle has been made just for pampering yourself during festival season. You get to curate a set from a range of hair care solutions to reverse your hair woes. Whether it be reversing hair fall through their acai berry range or treating dandruff with their blue tea goodness, they’ve got us covered with their shampoo bars, conditioners and scalp treatment oils.

Festive fashion anyone?

South Asian heritage has historically been driven by beautiful and powerful crafts rooted in handloom. Let’s show some love to these inherently sustainable practices by incorporating them into our festive wardrobe.

Papreeka is a marketplace of curated conscious fashion from South Asia, housing gorgeous sarees, bags, jewellery and everything in between.

Check out their Manimekalai sarees made in Tamil Nadu from cotton and fibers of banana, aloe vera and gongura — yes, you read that right. Apart from being absolutely stunning, these handwoven sarees are sourced from weavers in India who are making strides of innovation in how they source their fibers. Most importantly, unlike most consciously made products, you can get your hands on these without breaking the bank!

Your must-have sustainable skincare

Nothing spells self-care like taking the time to massage oils into your skin. A quick massaging of the face calms even the most frazzled nerves on festival day — don’t forget this tip this Diwali!

Ingredients are doubly important when it comes to skincare, which is why we recommend VanArc Organic Rituals’ products.

What’s sure to add gratitude to your festival morning is understanding the sheer number of people supported through VanArc’s small business. The founder, Saiba Ismail, decided to source their raw materials from across India exclusively from farmers and farmer producer organisations. This way the farmers’ profit does not get cut because of intermediary vendors.

The good deeds don’t stop there! Rather than relying on massive machines and huge industrial plants, VanArc’s oils are handmade in Hyderabad by residents of the Marg Foundation, a shelter for victims of violence and abuse. In fact, the foundation was started by Saiba’s mother, Nafeesa Ismail, in 2006.

Our recommendation is the Papaya Seed Oil. The vitamin C brightens and softens your skin, a combo we certainly love!

Gems and jewels…


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Do you remember the traditional system of heirlooms? Women would pass their most precious jewelry down the family tree, adding in memories with each generation. These heirloom pieces tended to be on the simpler side, a dainty pendant or a precious set of earrings — never too flashy but always elegant.

Though this tradition may have faded over time, why not take this year as the opportunity to start your own? The handmade jewelry created by Shiri from Artbyshiri is sure to have jewelry pieces you can see as your new family heirloom or even as the set that you reach for every festival season. These are made from the finest of metals and flowers from her very own garden so every piece already comes with a bit of history!

The necklace of our choice is called “Flora.” Each bead was added by hand to the necklace and the centerpiece is a white flower preserved in resin. The matching earrings —“Floral Garden” — are just as magical because of the three colorful flowers preserved in resins. Every piece is unique and exquisitely made; the pendant and earrings are polished brass and the chain is 24K gold-plated brass. These are guaranteed heirlooms to last for generations without tarnishing!

Some masti in our favorite makeup…


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So it can be a little daunting to put on a full face of makeup, especially to match the glam of a desi-inspired Diwali look. But our girl Deepica Mutyala’s brand, Live Tinted, has everything you need to pull off any look you want with just a few simple products.

Our top pick is their Huestick in ‘Legacy’ so you can go all out desi with a kohl-lined smokey eye to complete your look.

All the Live Tinted huesticks are highly buildable, super blendable, and packed with skin-good ingredients like hyaluronic acid, squalene, and vitamins C + E. The ‘Legacy’ huestick is also free of carbon black pigment or any other harmful ingredients traditionally found in kajal, making it one of the cleanest kajals on the market. More importantly, the brand is a strong advocate for vegan, cruelty-free and clean products. So what are you waiting for, pack these into your makeup bags now!

And…no Diwali is complete without garam-garam chai!


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Lastly, a tradition in India, often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of modern life is stopping for a cup of chai. A nostalgic personal favorite is the masala chai, primarily made from cardamom and ginger, which has a soothing effect on the mind and body.

We hope you find some time to slow down and enjoy a cup of tea and our pick for you are the beautiful blends created by experts Radhi and Jay Shetty at Sama Tea.

Sama, in Sanskrit, means to be fully balanced. At Sama Tea, each of their four blends has been purposefully curated to help you balance your mind, body and heart. Made from adaptogenic botanicals and ayurvedic ingredients, these blends help your body recover and resist stressors, ultimately leading to a healthier and happier you.

So, this Diwali, make sure to take a moment, sit down with yourself and enjoy a cup of these beautiful blends that are sure to make you feel as good as they taste.

And there you have six conscious brands that will help you rejuvenate in time for Diwali 2021!

This piece was co-authored by Prithika Manivel and Aishwarya Viswamitra.