Cut the Cord: 5 Reasons to Ditch Cable Today

Out with the old and in with the new. It can be hard to keep up with the latest and greatest technological inventions these days, even for those who consider themselves tech-oriented.

There’s always a new TV, new video gaming system or new type of phone that is instantly faster, more sleek and simply better than the last one. It’s hard to be on the cutting-edge when the cutting-edge bar is being raised every few months or so.

Then there are big trends that seem to kick everything else out of the way. HD was and has been the way many of us view television. Those old rear-projection TVs have now been cast by the wasteside. Anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone is simply obsolete. 

One of the next big trends that’s coming is ditching cable. You may ditch TV altogether, go streaming or find a middle ground.

If you’re on the fence, these reasons can help you commit to one side

It’s Easier to Set Up

You don’t have to be a tech genius to figure out how to set up your streaming services. Most of it is simply point, click and confirm. 

With cable, you have to call, make an appointment, wait nine hours for the cable guy to show up and then be forced to call them whenever you have a problem. 

Streaming through the internet means you can cut out the middleman entirely. There’s no waiting in line on the phone or constantly checking your driveway to see if the cable man has arrived yet. 

You Get to Choose

With your cable package, you’re going to be locked into certain channels and a package that may not be entirely appealing to you. Sure, you will occasionally surf around on a lazy Sunday afternoon but overall, you have your interests.

While you may only be watching a few channels, you’re paying for many that you don’t even use. Or some that you want may be blocked by your plan.

With streaming, you have more of a choice when it comes to your viewing. You can go with just a few streaming services, a sports league service or simply online streaming TV. You don’t have to feel boxed in anymore. 

It’s More Connected

One of the great things about streaming across different devices is your account is going to remember what you watched and how much you watched. Cable simply doesn’t offer that luxury, as you may not even be able to access the same content across multiple screens.

Streaming services keep track of what you’ve watched, so it doesn’t matter if you’re watching on your phone and want to pick up later when you arrive home, it’ll all still be there. 

It Costs Less

One of the best things about streaming is that it’s going to, in the majority of cases, cost less. A basic package from Comcast will cost you anywhere from 50-70 dollars, the same with DIRECTV. Everyone is always looking to save a little extra, right?

Compare that to a month of Sling TV or YouTube TV, which will run you anywhere from 25-40 dollars and a subscription to Netflix, you’re only at 40-65 dollars with content that you want.

In addition, adding your streaming content to multiple TVs won’t cost you a penny more. You can access your Netflix account from your Smart TV, tablet, phone, DVD player or video game machine seamlessly. The same goes with your streaming TV. Sure, you’ll have to purchase an extra device but you’re not going to get charged extra for using it. 

Not only that, but you can always split your streaming accounts across multiple people and cut down the costs that way. 

You Can Access More

It’s hard to keep track of just how many streaming services out there and some may even be limited to you based on your geographical location. It’s a terrible feeling to travel or try to access a show only to find out that “it’s not available in your region”. 

There are plenty of services and software out there that can help you access any program at any time, with a very low cost. Troypoint helps guide you through the setup and how you can expand your content library overnight. 

You can get any program anywhere at any time. 

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