10 Tips for an Expectant Father: How to Stay in the Good Books of Mommy-to-be

Mothers-to-be have a unique journey in pregnancy, from growing a human being inside them to preparing for a lifetime of changes. Here are 10 tips for expectant fathers to stay in the good books of mommy-to-be and support her in the journey.

1. Accompany her to doctor visits:

Prenatal checkups can be overwhelming for expectant mothers. Keep her company and make her feel special. Prepare yourself for the delivery process.

2. Be there to listen:

A woman’s body and emotions will change throughout her journey to motherhood. It is important to listen to what makes her comfortable. Have a conversation about new expectations and lifestyle changes.

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3. Pamper her:

Spend quality time together. Spoil her a bit. Also, buy her a pregnancy body pillow.

4. Help with the chores:

Help around the house with chores such as mopping, cooking, and cleaning.

5. Discuss childcare options:

Discuss who’s going to look after the baby once he or she arrives. Will family members help? Are you hiring a babysitter/nanny or looking into local daycares?

6. Discuss traditions:

Are there any traditions followed by either partner? Who will plan and carry out the festivities?

7. Commit your involvement:

Commit to being fully involved when the baby arrives and communicate that to the mommy-to-be.

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8. Discuss mommy “me” time:

While parenting is a combined effort, mothers need time for themselves to recoup. Set aside time and help care for the children to allow the mother to relax without the child(ren).

9. Grandparents:

Discuss what expectations the grandparents will have toward the baby and what your expectations are toward them. Time to have a family dinner.

10. Shower her with love:

The ultimate gift the expectant mother wants is love and kindness. Start now, before the baby makes their grand entrance to the world.

A father’s role is instrumental in the mental, emotional and physical development of a child. Share these tips with expectant fathers so that they start strong in the game!

By Nargis Rahman

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