Exploring Mindfulness and Inner Peace Through Poetry

The adolescents of today are often exposed to a more materialistic mindset, than the previous generations. They feel the need to concede to society’s conception of what “successful is,” which often fosters a need for objects of monetary value. The external influences that youth are subjected to often dictate their mindset. Peer pressure, social media trends and promotional advertisements mold their perception of what prosperity is, and makes their “wants” a priority over their “needs.” Contradicting popular beliefs, materialistic objects can not provide a sense of consolation, but instead manipulates your perception of happiness, and can often result in feeling unsatisfactory and lonely.

Writing down what you are grateful for is an important method of grounding yourself, and turning “what you have” into “enough.” Following mindfulness practices and breathing exercises, are a few other similar methods. Taking time in your day to replenish your mind and body, validates your self-esteem and confidence. You feel worthy of love and care, as you direct your time and effort towards taking care of yourself. These few simple methods can stimulate feelings of satisfaction and positivity, as you realize that you are already equipped with the tools necessary to generate your happiness. You will no longer need to resort to materialistic objects as a source of joy or subject yourself to feelings of inadequacy, depression, or loneliness that comes along with it.

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Journal your love

You take life
And hold it by its hands
You take it
And the journey
Soon becomes a dance

We try to find meaning
Behind every step
We try to calculate
And understand
What we continue to miss

We search for things
To give us joy

And later emptiness
Is what we employ

Searching for something far away
Instead of looking at what’s in front of us
Journal what you love
In your day
For no gratitude
Is treasonous

Believe in this world
Live in this life
You only get this body once
And never twice

Believe that things
Will fall in place
Your positivity
Will illuminate the caves

Perhaps there is no reason
But there is meaning
For you living this life
Is one more heart beating

One more assurance
That we are not alone
Maybe a reason
For someone
To want to come home

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By Sanjana Karthik

Sanjana Karthik is a grade ten student from Semiahmoo Secondary. She dedicates her time to volunteering, where she has accumulated … Read more ›