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Facebook Adds Desi Emoticons!

FB Desi emoticons
3 min read

by Rakhi Chadha

Who else loves the new desi-inspired emoticons on Facebook? I have created a fun storyline using all of the emoticons Facebook provides, so I hope you enjoy my Bollywood-reel using the Chumbak family characters.

FB Desi Emoticon


Oh My! I’m so sorry for my friend’s rude way of getting your attention.

So, let me take over from here. Namaste, Sat Sri Akaal, Salaam and hello to you my friend:

FB Desi Emoticon

My name is Chumbak and here’s something to put a smile on your face. The desi community is taking over emoticons!
That’s right, you know you want to smile. Go ahead, smile and hum Om!
Along with that smile, let’s not forget to eat some traditional desi sweets from this dear, little aunty congratulating you in making desi-ness come alive with the new world of Facebook emoticons:FB Desi Emoticon

So eat up those ladoos and get ready for some dancing!FB Desi Emoticon

And the next time someone asks you:FB Desi Emoticon

Don’t get:FB Desi Emoticon

Instead, you can simply with the click of a button, let them know:FB Desi Emoticon

And hope they get the message, so you can go back to spending some incredible time with your:FB Desi Emoticon

And then you can go to a party together and point fingers at the people acting weird because they are:10

Don’t forget to enjoy your time this weekend before life speeds up and you are caught in the middle of a story that is:FB Desi emoticons

But, wait don’t let an aunty catch you and say:FB Desi emoticonsBecause then you’ll end up on the marriage bandwagon with the aunty next to you asking:FB Desi emoticons

Now, you have to give me a:FB Desi emoticons…that you’ll support my Chambak family and use us more to get your message across. So, with that, its time for my:FB Desi emoticonsAnd I’m going to say:FB Desi emoticons

But before I take my leave, don’t do anything that will have your little brother saying:FB Desi emoticons


Photos: Chumbak.com


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