Dressing Desi: Fall/Winter 2021 Trends you Need Right Now!

Designers all over the world are paving the way for fall/winter 2021 trends. This season screams striking, quirky and confident. Tom Ford summons the ’70s as metallics dominates his clothing line. Alice + Olivia pop out with saturated hues. Fendi showcases sophistication and elegance with business casual trousers.

And what would happen if we brought these trends to the desi culture? The fall and winter are peak seasons with weddings — not to mention Navratri and Diwali JUST passed. I’m sure we’re all hesitantly thinking about how we’re going to figure what to wear when. And most importantly, how do we stand out? With COVID-19 pushing us into our homes in the past year, it’s time to put your A-game on and turn heads this season. Here’s some inspo you can use to spice up your Indian attire this season.

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1. Saturation


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Pastels were all the hype over the past couple of years. But this fall/winter 2021 is ALL about being the showstopper. What better way to do that than with bold, bright colors?

The model above is immersed in a riveting hue of red that accents her skin exquisitely, accenting this with a patterned blazer (which, by the way, are in this season!), giving her the perfect girl boss look. If you have a patterned blazer lying around, pair it with your lehenga this season and stay warm.

Boys, you can be the center of attention too. Black-colored kurtas don’t have to be the only kind of kurta girls will drool over. Catch your desi girl’s attention with a saturated beautiful deep shade of magenta and become irresistible. Not only will you catch her attention, but you’ll also show everyone that it’s 2021, and we can kiss toxic masculinity goodbye.

2. Metallics

Leave it to Manish Malhotra to predict the future. Recently producing a line of beautiful metallic Indian suits, Malhotra weaved a sense of royalty within his attire that remind me of a Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie. If you’re feeling up for it and want to be the next Mastani, go fetch something metallic.


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The great part about metallics is it’s frequently used in Indian attire. It’s not difficult to find a metallic shade of your favorite kurta or lehenga. If you prefer to humbly stunt on everyone, opt for metallics. Go for metallics and surprise people with a flip of your hair when you say you’re in season.

3. Trousers

Ok hear me out…trousers are the future of desi fashion. Posh, comfortable and so versatile. Of course, we love taking a spin in our flowy lehengas but imagine strutting into a desi party with your favorite trousers complementing your desi outfit. Cardi B energy right there.

A simple bralette, some bangles, a dupatta and your favorite form-fitting trousers will make you look flawless in your next desi fit. Plus, bonus points for encouraging gender fluidity.

For your desi fall/winter 2021 trends, you need to remember just three words: saturation, metallics and trousers. Get in the season with both your western and desi outfits.

By Hrishika Muthukrishnan

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