Female Empowerment is Nothing Without Teamwork

“Girls Like You And Me” is a call-to-action for women to stand together against the patriarchal principles we have been conditioned to accept. Our society is reluctant to embrace equality not just because of men’s sense of superiority but also from our own lack of joint effort. We often witness females fighting their own battles without any support from other women. Hence, “Girls Like You and Me” serves as an urgent reminder for women to empower women.

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Girls Like You and Me

Girls like you and me
Often hear, “Can she?”
Our capabilities so highly doubted
Even though our achievements shouted

Girls like you and me
Why can we never feel free?
Free from the predator eyes
Free while walking under the night skies

Girls like you and me
Why are we expected to plea
Keep our voices down
Lock ourselves in homes because of the “dangerous” town

Girls like you and me
Why do we have to agree?
Agree to this discrepancy
We can bounce back with all the buoyancy
With our shining brilliancy

Girls like you and me
We are so much more than just a body
We complete the universe like the solar system
How did we became the victim?

Girls like you and me
Let’s learn to disagree
Let’s learn to live free
Let’s learn to oppose the decree

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