Get Fit While Having Fun with These 5 Couples’ and Partner Workouts

by Karishma Sharma – Follow @kaysharmaa

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As summer goes on, it can be easy to get lost in the ice cream, tanning, and margarita slump. Sometimes, you can forget entirely about the gym and working out. I have found that a good way to combat this is to make working out fun – make it an experience. And the best way to do that? Do it with that someone special. Because everyone knows…couples who lift together, stay together.

Here are five fun couples or partner workouts that will spice up your summer!

PSA: Shout out to my amazing volunteer, my boyfriend, Bhavin!

1) Partner Planks

This one is pretty straightforward. Both of you face the same direction, feet apart, body straight, into a plank position. What’s fun is doing it together because you can count off to 30 together, while motivating each other. You can help each other stay up for as long as you choose for your plank and be in it together. Make sure to keep your back as straight as possible and hands in the center. Try to get to a minimum of three 30-second planks.

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2) Plank and Sit-Ups

While one of you holds the other’s feet and stays in a plank, the other does sit-ups. Do this for as long as you can, somewhere in between 30 seconds and a minute, and then switch. Each of you should be on each side three times. This is fun because you can enjoy watching your partner while you are also working hard. What’s fun about partner workouts is that sometimes they’re a good distraction. You think less about how much your abs are burning and more about how much fun you’re having!

3) Squat Hand-Off

While one of you squats and holds the medicine ball close, your partner stands ready to receive it and then they squat. Do this until each of you has done 30 squats. This is a fun, quick exercise that constantly keeps you alert and on your toes, and will perfectly shape those glutes and legs for the beach.

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4) Partner Push-Ups

This one can be tricky, but once you get into it, it becomes fairly simple. Start out by the base laying flat on the ground, ready in push-up position. The second person faces the opposite direction, feet by the base’s head and hands somewhere on the base’s legs. Then, together, lift up and lift down. Do as many push-ups as you can in this position, as it can be tricky to balance at first, but eventually becomes second nature.

5) Squat Your Partner

While the base stands feet-wide apart, the flier puts their legs over the base’s shoulder, while the base slowly raises and lowers the flier in a squat-like motion. In order for the flier to get a workout too, they can push off the wall to pump their arms as they are raised closer to the wall. This is a tough one to balance, but done correctly, can be an extremely good workout for both parties.

So try some of these workouts and comment below with any partner workout ideas or tips and tricks of your own! And remember, have fun with it!

Karishma Sharma is a Bollywood Dance Fitness Instructor based in Minneapolis, MN. Her biggest hobby, her passion, and her dedication are all to fitness. She is also a dancer and is passionate about spreading her culture to those who may not be familiar. She aspires to keep her love of fitness alive each day in everything she does!

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