Frank Gregoire Sings Bollywood Classic Love Song for his Wife at Their Interfaith Wedding

by Hansini Vyas

Update: Since going viral, the Gregoire’s released a reaction video expressing their love and gratitude to the millions of viewers and supporters who sent them well wishes. Now, the newlyweds want to start a movement called #ShowYourLove through JustDoingitTV! They are asking their supporters to record a message showing your love to someone special and tag three friends to do the same! 

Watch below to see how cute Mr. and Mrs. Gregoire really are! 

For the most part, interfaith marriages are quite common in today’s day and age, even among desi families. We all have at least one cousin-in-law who is not desi and have at least a few of the cutest looking mixed-race nieces or nephews. With that in mind, seeing that newly wed Frank Gregoire and Simran Mahotra tied the knot on June 27 in Maryland, wasn’t something uncommon. But what made their Christian and Sikh wedding nothing less than a fairytale was what Gregoire did for his wife during their reception.

Gregoire, who spent almost six weeks learning the chords and lyrics to the popular Bollywood song, “Tumhi Ho,” gave his wife the best surprise anyone in love could ask for.

“Once I read the translation on ‘Tumhi Ho,’ I realized that I could not have found better word to express my own feelings towards SImran,” Gregoire said to the HuffPost Living Canada.

Not to mention, we are pretty sure Mahotra’s parents couldn’t be more pleased of their son-in-law’s awesome Hindi-singing skills.

With more four million views on YouTube, the Canadian-based couple are an Internet sensation and Gregoire goes down in history for being one of the sweetest grooms ever. To have your soul mate sing a classic love song in a foreign language is probably the best gift of all time.

“Frank is the most fun loving guy I know,” Mahortra said. “He can make anyone fall in love with him; whether it be my 10-year-old niece, my 89-year old-granddad, my best friend, one of his patients or a stranger on the street.”

Whether Gregoire wanted to or not, he definitely set a new standard for every groom, so take notes future hubbys!

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