Friends Groups Spends Hours Getting Ready To Look Exactly Like Every Other Girl At Party

getting ready

by Rani Shah –    Instagram

Disclaimer: The article below is satire.

CHICAGO, IL – A stick of red lipstick, some intense hair straightening, and a simple swipe of cat eyeliner later, the girls getting glammed at Apt. 908 are ready for their Uber heading to Naina Khanna’s birthday party.

Prior to meeting up, everyone had picked out their outfit and packed their makeup bag in order to get ready together and pre-game at Priya Reddy’s apartment.

“I think I’m gonna straighten my hair, wear my black dress with heels, and pair it with a bold, red lip,” says Priya Reddy.

“Whoa, that sounds cute, girl,” exclaims Sunita Kaur, “I’m probs gonna wear my black crop top and wear my bright red lipstick.”

Rabab Hasan, Sunita’s roommate, squeals in excitement.

“Omg that’s SO cute. I’m doing a simple black top with jeans and cute flats. Maybe some burgundy lipstick. Priya, can I borrow your hair straightener?”

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A few shots of Fireball and a glass of wine later, the ladies lined up to take a group selfie before they headed out. Upon uploading to Facebook, the automatic tag feature began incorrectly tagging the girls in the photo.

“Wow. Facebook,” huffed Patel, as she watched Kaur and Hasan both straightening their hair and share the same red lipstick.

“We’re not all the same person.”

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Rani Shah is the founder and writer for Fuss Class News, a South Asian satire site. Her hatred of lettuce and appreciation of sprinkles means her friends’ circle has very interesting dinner parties.



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