My Guide, My Best Friend, My Dad

by Trisha Arora 

I have always wanted to be just like my dad. He’s ambitious, wise, funny, humble and extremely talented. He was the one taking care of me, getting me ready for school and somehow managed to do my hair in a palm tree-like ponytail.

He was never just a journalist or a broadcaster; he was also a full-time parent, my best friend and my mentor. One funny fact that very few people know is that my dad is the one who first taught me how to put on makeup and how to cook, and no matter how boring shopping is, he is always ready to go with me.

Despite a very difficult past, he’s stayed  strong and has been completely honest about his life before marrying my mom, which I think is so awesome. I mean, which dad will openly tell his daughter stories of the stupid/ funny things he did when he was younger?

My life would have taken a different turn if I didn’t grow up going to the studio to watch him record the news. One of the biggest lessons I have learned from him is to maintain your dignity, self-respect and work honestly.

My dad, Ravi Kant, is truly my biggest supporter. He’s tried his best to make it to every event I have hosted or performed at, and he’s always the first one running up to give me the biggest hug in the world (no matter how terrible my performance may have been). But later on, he will tell me where I need to improve, which I appreciate.

Sometimes, females are looked down upon for being in the public eye, but my father has always pushed me to follow my dreams and forget what anyone else says. He even threatens to not allow me to do bhangra for a week if I let my nerves get the best of me and try to back out of a gig.

Photos provided by Trisha Arora. 

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