Halloween Survival Guide: 5 Tips to Have a Successful Night of Trick or Treating

Halloween, a super fun and busy time for families, is upon us. There are costumes to be arranged and house decorations to be done, along with existing errands, family schedules and responsibilities. Sharing a Halloween survival guide for parents to make it through the season with flying colors and a sane mind.

1. Halloween Costumes

Costumes are one of the main attractions for children around Halloween. However, you need to strike the right balance in knowing when to buy their costumes. Buy it too early and they will likely change their mind as the event gets closer. Buy it too late and you will probably not find their size. Here are some great and simple DIY ideas for both kids and adults, if you are on a budget and/or feeling crafty!

Talking about costumes for adults, don’t leave yours for the last minute, otherwise, it will be one more year dressing up as a witch!

2. Stocking up on candy

Keep a good supply of candy on hand for children who will start ringing your doorbell as soon as it gets a little dark! It’s always a challenge figuring out how much candy to buy! A good estimate is the approximate number of visitors you had last year plus a little more. You can also talk to neighbors and get their estimates.

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3. Being inclusive this Halloween

Try and be more inclusive and accepting this Halloween. There are many who don’t celebrate the occasion. Respect their decision and don’t question or debate it. There are many who mark the occasion in their own ways. Some won’t trick-or-treat but will pass on candy etc. Let everyone celebrate or not based on their own beliefs.

There are also many children who have allergies and cannot accept candy. You can make them feel welcome at your house by participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project where you offer non-food treats and display a teal pumpkin at your house. All details about this project here.

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4. Halloween crafts and decorations

Have fun with your children and decorate your house with these great crafts. Repurpose items from around your house and be creative!

5. Halloween well-being

Do take care of your own health and well-being this Halloween by following these tips:

  • Stay warm during trick-or-treating. Children can be encouraged to wear jackets by adding their costume details on top of their jackets such as masks or glow-in-the-dark scarves.
  • Keep safety in mind. Stay on well-lit paths and make sure you and your children are always visible while crossing the roads.
  • Encourage/force/bribe your children to eat a healthy dinner before trick-or-treating starts.
  • Talk to your children about dental hygiene and encourage them to portion out the candy to be eaten in moderation. Some dental offices also offer candy swap programs with incentives for children.

Hope this Halloween survival guide helps you this year! Happy trick or treating!

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